100,000 Jews protest forced draft into the Israeli army

On June 30, 2024, 100,000 Jews protested in Jerusalem against Israel’s high court’s recent decision to draft Orthodox men into the Israeli army.

Anti-Zionist Jews refuse to serve in the Israeli army and carry out its actions. According to Judaism, Jews are forbidden to occupy another land, have their own sovereign state, or wage wars against any nation.

Protest banners read: “Israel’s army is a brainwashing cult” and “The Zionist army does not serve the citizens; it serves Zionism.” Banners displayed on poles read: “We will not enlist in the enemy army!”

A banner on a building in the center of the protest read: “The Jewish nation is against the Zionist bloodshed committed in the name of the Jewish nation.” Other banners read: “I am a Jew, therefore I will not enlist in the Zionist army” and “Zionists use Jews as human shields.”

During the protest, Zionist police ruthlessly attacked protestors. Zionist police carelessly injured protestors with horses. Police used water cannons to spray chemical skunk water on protestors. Young boys confronted police harassment.




מחאת חרדים נגד הגיוס

מחאת חרדים נגד הגיוס



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9 days ago

You’re doing an amazing job!

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