Rabbis protest visit by Netanyahu to Monsey, NY, July 2002

With the Help of the Almighty

Friday, July 5, 2002

We were astonished to learn that one of the leaders of the Zionist State of Israel was invited to attend a party in our community, and gave a speech there.

This entity, which our rabbis have taught us is in opposition to our Torah, and which uproots our religion under the banner of nationalism, is the source of mischief, and is the root cause of all types of suffering experienced by our brethren in the Holy Land, exactly as predicted by our ancient prophets and by our rabbis.

Therefore, we hereby virulently protest against this treacherous act of honoring a politician of that State that rebels against G-d, to listen to his words and to collaborate with evildoers, thereby breaking down the prohibitions of our rabbis throughout the generations.

(Signatures are according to the Hebrew alphabet)


Avraham Menachem Mendel Wagschal
Rabbi of Kahal Divrei Yechezkel Shinova Synagogue

Elimelech Yechezkel Shraga Gold
Head Rabbinical Judge of Kahal Sha’arei Chesed Synagogue

Chaim Avraham Duber Flohr
Head of Zichron Menachem Rabbinical Academy

Chaim Yehoshua Halberstam
Head Rabbinical Judge and Principal of Satmar Yeshiva

Chaim Yechezkel Shraga Deutsch
Rabbi of Kol Yehoshua-Mekor Chaim Synagogue

Yosef Zalman Bloch
Rabbi of Lakewood Minyan-Synagogue

Menachem Mayer Weissmandel
Head Rabbinical Judge of Toras Chemed, Nitra, Synagogue

Menachem Fischer
Rabbinical Judge and Rabbi of Vien Synagogue, Monsey

Moshe Green
Principal of Yeshiva of Monsey

Nosson Yosef Meisels
Head Rabbinical Judge and Rabbi of Kahal Avnei Shlomo Synagogue

Shlomo Mordechai Breslauer
Head Rabbinical Judge of Beis Tefila Synagogue

Shlomo Avigdor Feivelsohn
Principal of Yeshiva Le-Torah Ve-Le-Tefila

I also sign hereunder to this public protest against those who honored one of the leaders of the State of Israel here in Monsey. May G-d illuminate us with a spirit of purity and enable us to behold the arrival of the Messiah
Yisrael Hager
son of the Rebbe of the Vizhnitz-Monsey community

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