Letter to President Anwar Sadat of Egypt

נטורי קרתא
(Guardian of the City)
G. P. O. B. 2143 BROOKLYN N.Y. 11202
October 30, ‘75

His Excellency
President anwar Sadat
Embassy of

N.Y.C., N.Y.

Most honoured President,

Gritting and salutations on your arrival on the united states of America.

We were gratified to read in his Excellency’s interviews whit the press, that his Excellency distinguishes between the Jewish people and the Zionist, and his Excellency’s friendliness towards the Jewish people.

This has been our request to the community of nations since the inception of Zionism. This massage has constantly been brought before world bodies. it was declared by the chief Rabbi of the orthodox Jewry in Palestine, Rabbi J.C. Sonnenfeld to the British Mandatory regime, and to the League of Nations. His successor, Chief Rabbi J.Z. Duschinsky declared so to the United Nations Special Commission on Palestine. in continuance, our late leader Rabbi Amrom Blau who passed away a year ago constantly petitioned the United Nations against the establishment of the Zionist state and thereafter to grant autonomy to the “Old Yishuv.

We hope his Excellency will use his good offices to persuade the members of the United Nations whatever may be the outcome of the forth coming debate in the General Assembly to clearly distinguish between Zionism and Judaism.

We also would like to bring to the attention of his Excellency, that no right thinking Jew is in sympathy and has any part in the degrading acts of any Zionist politician in New York City or New York State. The Neturei Karta who seek Better relations between Jews and non-Jews are repulsed by any embarrassment caused his Excellency while his stay in New York.

We join our honorable President Ford and wishing his Excellency to have a pleasant and successful trip.

May the Al-Mighty grant his Excellency success in his endeavours toward the betterment of his nation and humanity as a whole and to continue to pursue his goal of better relations between the Jewish people and the Arab people in the entire world and in the Arab countries where Jewish people reside.

With the blessing of Torah Loyal Jewry and in their name,

Rabbi C.H. Roth


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