Jews in Palestine in 1948: rescue us from falling under Zionist sovereignty

In the unique March 8, 1948, original correspondence exhibited here – arguably the single most important letter relating to the Neturei Karta movement and the State of Israel – the sect, led by Rabbi Amram Blau, assures the British Mandate that charedi Jews played no role in the violent uprising. It protests against the Zionist takeover of nationalist institutions and requests that the Mandate Government save them from the Zionists:

Today, the protesting charedi Jews address the following remarks to the Honor of our Government [i.e., the British Mandate in Eretz Yisrael].

When our Government accepted the appointment to supervise our Holy Land, contained within the scope of its authority was a large Yishuv of Jewish charedim, keepers of the Torah and the commandments, peaceful citizens who had no intentions or policy interest in their political situation in the Holy Land, other than to live and to keep the mitzvot of the Creator and to derive pleasure from its holiness, and for there to be life and peace amongst all the dwellers of the land, and to remain loyal to the Government and who know nothing about acts of violence.

And now, our Government is about to remove its leadership from our Holy Land, which will leave these peaceful citizens abandoned, with their faith, their souls, and their bodies, to fall before those who clutch control of the Yishuv through the power of the fist and the rifle to lead them astray to follow their ideas that are in opposition to our Holy Torah, and which strives for the cause of a State and ruling power.

We plead and beseech before our Government to have mercy upon us and do not cause the peaceful and loyal Jewish charedim to be devoured, G-d forbid, at the hands of those who are taking control over us and who are sweeping away by force our future, which we fear will be terrible and frightful.

If our Government does not find a way to calm the spirits and extinguish the fire immediately, and to bring peace to the land within which to protect also the existence of the Jewish charedim, in its faith, soul, and body, we supplicate and beseech before Your Majesty, that he will have mercy on the souls of its grieving citizens, these Jewish charedim, to rescue them in any possible way, whether by way of the security establishment or through any other means fitting in your eyes.

We are certain on your merciful soul that you will have compassion for our souls and the souls of our infants and children and that you will find the proper path to save us in due time.

With hope for the fulfillment of our request in the greatest possible haste, we hereby sign with thanks and blessings.

Your loyal citizens, in the name of the protestors

Amram Blau

Avraham Roth

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