70 years of Palestinian Nakba – The Jewish perspective

70 years catastrophe

We are approaching now the 70th anniversary of the creation of the state of Israel. 70 years of the occupation of Palestine, 70 years of murder and cruelty, 70 years of a Nakba, catastrophe and disaster, 70 years of destruction of the peace and harmony that existed in Palestine amongst all its inhabitants, 70 years violation of Judaism and 70 years of rebellion against the Almighty.

Ongoing Israeli atrocities

Recently we have been witnessing ongoing atrocities against Palestinian protestors on the borders of Gaza, who stand up in a peaceful resistance against the Zionist regime. So many of them have been killed and many more injured. And in addition, the massive Zionist propaganda to pressure world nations into recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.

The Jewish opposition

Jews worldwide join the outcry against this decades-long occupation, and condemn these atrocities which are continuing to the present day. We clarify time and again that all that Israel stands for is wrong, wicked, criminal and a violation of Jewish law. We Jews are embarrassed since all of these crimes are committed supposedly in the name of world Jewry.

According to basics of Jewish belief, Jews are forbidden to create a sovereign home land for themselves. We are in exile by Divine decree and commanded by the Almighty to be loyal citizens in the countries where we reside. Killing, stealing, occupying another’s land, or oppressing an entire people is totally forbidden in the Jewish religion.

Israel does NOT represent Jews

Despite all Zionist attempts to cloak themselves in the Jewish religion and Jewish symbols in order to make themselves look Jewish, and presenting themselves as the saviors of the Jewish people, Jews worldwide declare: NO! The State of Israel is not a Jewish state, it never was. Zionism, the philosophy behind the State of Israel, is a transformation of Judaism from a religion into a nationalism, a political movement. A movement which is violating each and every law of the Jewish religion, and attempts to uproot religion from the masses of Jewish people.

Authentic Rabbis always opposed Zionism and to the present day masses of Jewish people worldwide not only disagree with the state of Israel, but publicly oppose it. The state of Israel cannot and does not represent world Jewry or the Holy Torah, the Jewish religion. In no way do they speak in the name of Jews worldwide or even masses of Jewish people residing inside the Holy Land.

The State of Israel, is illegitimate and criminal, it is a rebellion against G-d and a violation of the Jewish religion. It is a Nakba, a catastrophe for the Palestinian people AND a disaster for Jewish people.

Jews oppressed in Israel

Not only Palestinians suffer under the state of Israel, but the Jewish people suffer as well. As we speak, Jewish boys and girls are being arrested, beaten and ordered to serve in an army they don’t believe in, and those who stand up for them and protest are attacked violently by the Israeli police. Furthermore, Jewish people lived in peace with their Muslim neighbors in Palestine and in so many other Muslim countries. This peace was sadly destroyed by the invention of Zionism and the creation of the State of Israel.

Total Free Palestine
Jews worldwide are concerned for the suffering people of Palestine, for the endangered Jewish people in the Holy Land and for the Jewish religion which is so badly desecrated in this state of Israel. We promote a totally free Palestine. We demand that all rights should be returned to the Palestinian people. We clearly state that Jews would be far more safe and the Jewish religion will be far better preserved under Palestinian rule over the Holy Land, rather than under this illegitimate, destructive state of Israel.

Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
Now, after 70 years of brutal occupation, the Palestinian Nakba is being taken to a new level with the recognition by the United States of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, and plans to move the American embassy there. We are very concerned at the possible danger this may bring upon the world, and we humbly plead with President Trump to rethink his plans, for the good of all involved. We wish to make clear to him that Authentic Jewry never recognize the legitimacy of the existence of the state of Israel, and therefore we cannot recognize Jerusalem as its capital. The State of Israel is no benefit to the Jewish people, and certainly the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel is not in their benefit.

Zionist propaganda and intimidation of nations to support their State of Israel does not benefit the Jewish people; on the contrary, it is causing anti-Semitism and hatred towards Jews. The Zionists do this deliberately, dragging us into their conflict in order to further their own interests.

Misusing the name of Jews

We condemn the Zionist misuse of the Jewish identity for their political motivations and we reject any ownership they claim on anything related to Judaism or the Jewish people. Their use of the name “Israel” is criminal and we demand that they stop using it.

Distinguishing between Judaism and Zionism

We admire righteous people throughout the world, layman and politicians, who still remember and understand to differentiate between Judaism the religion, and Zionism the political movement. To understand the difference between the Jewish people, the people of the book, the people practicing the Jewish religion, versus Zionists, who support this political State of Israel.

The Solution

We pray for the speedy and total dismantlement of this state of Israel, we hope that this should be peaceful, with no more suffering of anyone involved. And we strongly hope that once this obstacle to peace, this movement of Zionism, this State of Israel, is no longer in power, we peoples of all backgrounds can once again live in peace in the Holy Land as we did in the past.
I conclude with the prayer that we say on the Jewish High Holidays: May we merit the day when the Almighty will reign over the entire universe and His glory is revealed and all wickedness comes to an end, with the coming of the Messiah soon in our days. Amen.

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