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Rabbi Alexander Asher Margolios
Congregation Ohel Moshe of Vienna  
issues statement of protest 29 November 2012

After a member of Vienna's Jewish community, on his own initiative, brought the Zionist consul in Vienna to visit the religious schoolchildren, Rabbi Alexander Asher Margolios, a prominent rabbinic leader in Vienna, reacted with the following statement of protest against Zionism and against the visit:


Everyone knows well what we have been taught by our ancestors and teachers, the greatest rabbinic leaders of past generations, among them the Chofetz Chaim, Rabbi Yissachar Dov of Belz, and Rabbi Sholom Ber of Lubavitch, may their memory be a blessing in the World to Come, about the great danger of the group that has unfortunately appointed itself as the caretaker of the Jewish people. They taught us that this group is one of the worst among the evil elements that have mixed into the Jewish people, a source of poison, the influence of the guardian angel of Esau, who wrestled all night with our forefather Jacob. This is true despite the fact that these people were born into Jewish families, as stated in our holy books. We have nothing in common with them, and we must train our children in this spirit.

In light of this, how great is our shock and pain when a certain supporter of our community, on his own initiative, brought this group's representative in our city into the holy classrooms of our religious school! Our young boys and girls, whose breath is pure and free of sin, saw such an individual being treated with honor. The Heavens must be astonished at this!

Therefore, we wish to register our strongest protest. May such a thing never happen again in our city! Our religious school was founded by the elders of our city with the greatest devotion and hard work, solely for the purpose of continuing the ancient traditions of the Jewish people to the next generation. May the boys and girls of our religious schools be exposed only to Heaven-fearing and observant Torah scholars and rabbis, learn from them and follow their example.

Signed on the 15th of Kislev 5773 (November 29, 2012),

Rabbi Alexander Asher Margolios
Congregation Ohel Moshe of Vienna  

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