Tue, 10 Mar 2015, 08:04

“I know the history of Arabs and Muslims with Jews“

I do not have a lot of talk, but my respect for you and great for your effort, and I am a Muslim of Arab descent from the Quraish, and I know the history of Arabs and Muslims with Jews, where you are closer to us than any religion or race in the world.
Thank you

15 Dec 2017, 08:13

“Jews lived in Egypt with Muslim and Christian neighbor side by side“

Dear Mr. E. beck
Thank you a lot for your concern about my message. I appreciating your kind manner , yes dear I’m supporting your trend, hope one day to resist Zionism and try to do our best to re-correct the image that the Zionism exported via all kind of media about Jews, unfortunately and honestly, few people like me and also some university professors determine this truth and they are doing their best to deliver this idea about difference between religious peaceful Jews and Zionism, despite of I’m 33 years old but I’m aware that there are lot of Jews before 1956 was living here in Egypt with Muslim and Christian and they have lot of stores still hold their names till this moment. I was usually wondering how Jews lived in Egypt with Muslim and Christian neighbor side by side. I asked grandfather and other old peoples, they confirmed me that Jews was lived here peacefully and they have lot of shops, restaurant and jewelry shops and also speaking Egyptian language and they treated and treat very well. Maybe I don't know why Jews in this time left Egypt and immigrate from Egyptian with Greeks , Italians and Armenian, but I can say to you that I will do my best to spread your trend and share your website also your FB and Twitter events. Maybe I was try to do my communication to coordinate an invitation to spread your sound but unfortunately the tragedy occur after trump declaration about Jerusalem since 6-12-2017, and the bad deed practiced from Israel toward Palestine , no one will accept our invitation to understand each other especially in Arabs Muslim countries at least nowadays until this crises will be solved.
But I’ll do my best to connect these ideas and clear this misconception.
Sorry for my prolonging
Keep in touch
King regards

18 Sept 2011, 15:03

“[Muslims and Jews] used to love each other and even baby sit each other's children “

I just want you to know that as a Muslim Palestinian I cannot describe how much I appreciate what you are doing. The Quran states that the Hebrew people are true worshippers of the real God and historically the Hebrew and Arab people descend from the same blood line. We are brothers, cousins and partners and we must live in peace together as one in the Holy Land of Palestine. Islam has always protected the Jewish people and has always befriended them. As Muslims it is a part of our faith to honor the "People of the Book" and the earliest and most historic worshippers of God who provided the basis and foundation for the Islamic faith itself. My grandparents lived in the Palestinian town of Qalqilya before the Israeli occupation and they always tell me of how most of their neighbors were Jewish. My grandparents told me that the towns people and the Jewish people used to love each other and even baby sit each other's children most of the time. The Jewish families were kicked out of Palestine the same way my family was. As a Muslim my religion tells me to always honor the real "House of Israel" or as called in the Quran "Bani Israel" and treat them as brothers. Our faith states that the followers of Moses are of great value to Allah and they must be treated as equals. I just wanted to ask you to please notify me of any upcoming rallies or "awareness spreading" missions you will be having this month.

Mon, 17 Nov 2014, 09:42