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Tue, 19 Aug 2014, 05:51

“It's refreshing to know that not all the Jewish community supports the Zionist beliefs“

I would like to thank you for all the work you do to expose the Zionist criminals. It's refreshing to know that not all the Jewish community supports the Zionist beliefs. God bless you all.

Sun, 23 May 2020, 15:47

“In my early life I think that there are no any good Jews in modern time“

Hi I am Nasir from India I see your video on YouTube to supporting Palestine so I can say that you are truly Jews and truly followers of holy Torah. Because when I read holy Qur'an then I know that Torah is also a holy book and you are son of Abraham but when in modern time I see that orthodox Jews kill the creations of God. In my early life I think that there are no any good Jews in modern time but now I known that earth is never empty from good people. Thank you from ❤️.

Wed, 12 May, 2020, 06:42

“Thank you for spreading the true message of Torah“

Thank you for spreading the true message of Torah. Hope your community is surviving in this pandemic.

Thu, 4 Jun 2020, 14:50

“There are many people everywhere that completely agree with you“

Dear Rabbi Weiss, I just saw your AlJeezera interview. The interviewer could not have been further from the truth. There are many people everywhere that completely agree with you. I have noticed that in every religion there are the Truth-seekers and followers of the Word, and there are the power/money people who seem to use religion for material gain. The news/media seems to only broadcast those who are using religion and ignore those who are living and following the Truth. I admire your Faith and Trust in the written Word. Thank you.

16 Nov 2017, 09:28

“I understood, thanks to his lecture, that "real" Judaism is a religion, not what comes to me from the press“

Translated message from Italian
Dear Rabbi,
I am very pleased to have listened to your lecture, which clarified to me from a theological point of view questions that still remained open in me in the relationship between "true" Judaism and what I know in Rome due to the presence of a "Jewish community” of a few thousand people who, however, have an impressive influence in a city of three million inhabitants.
I understood, thanks to his lecture, that "real" Judaism is a religion, not what comes to me from the press and describes Roman and Italian Judaism, all crushed on the state of Israel. His lecture also pacified my soul about a certain aversion of mine to a Judaism all imbued and corrupted by Zionism, which according to Gilad Atzmon's conception is nothing more than a form of global racial primacy.
I am a liberal spirit and have full and absolute respect for every religion that exists and is practiced as a religion. If, on the other hand, a religion betrays its spiritual nature and takes on a political form, I too cannot fail to take a political position, the one that best responds to my interests and my identity.
I apologize if I write them in Italian, but these are concepts where it is good to be precise.

I hope you will return to Rome other times. I will always be there to listen to you ...
Sincerely and with a spirit of friendship and peace

21 Jun 2017, 19:19

“Jews who are defending the precious Torah and who love Our Creator more than political beliefs“

Dear Rabbi Weiss
I recently came back from Israel where I spent a few days with my Christian father and brother, between Jerusalem, Tiberias, Kineneret, Nazareth and Tel-Aviv.
Before my departure, The Holy Name put me on my mind to ask myself and look after what did really mean the Israel-Palestine conflict. I left the Christian church (evangelical church) because I no longer agree with their doctrines and the reject of the Torah. I’m simply a believer who only rely by Faith on The Most High and who is seeking for the Truth. I don’t have any political interest about any religion. I have a deep respect for our Heavenly Father, the Holy Torah the Israeli people, the Jewish people that you are, as the Arab people in Israel.
As a European, I was always told by my Christian family that Jewish people were The Holy and Blessed People of the Most High. I agree with this, so that I began to study the Tanakh in order to learn the Willingness of the Holy Name.
But, after a few researches on the internet about the conflict, I discovered also what the Zionism Movement is.
I was so upset to discover the reality of what happens every day on this Earth, especially about the murders of civil people in Palestine under the guise of Zionism and about how we are mired in the false stories by mass media. I cried for two days about this situation and repented of the false opinions that I received from other people.
For the Christian people in my country, Switzerland, many of them are anti-Muslim and anti-Arab or think that the Ultra-Orthodox Jews are extremists (!!?), They think that Jews deserves to establish in Israel as a promise and blessing from the Most High and that the creation of Israel State in 1948 is a holy answer and miracle of The Most High (did you ever seen miracle for rebellious people??)
I decided to go further on the meaning of this Zionism movement and found out a very interesting website from a French journalist that decided to reveal and report the hidden side of pro-Zionism mass media that spoil the daily news, and heresy of some kind of anti-Semite conspiracies.
I decided immediately to stop reading and watching that kind of false disguised news that treat Palestinian and Arab people as the enemies of Israel that doesn’t deserve to live a peaceful life on his lands.
Two days before my departure to Israel, the website of the journalist linked me to an article about the Ultra-Orthodox Jews, the Neturei Karta and your website. What a relief to see that there are Jews who are defending the precious Torah and who love Our Creator more than political beliefs. Be Blessed. This gave me the strength and courage to consider my travel to Israel on another point of view and I praise the Holy Name for this!
Unfortunately I didn’t visit Mea Shearim but I wanted to respect the pious Jews and was not sure that they would accept me to visit the quarter as a European woman (even if I respected the dress code during all the journey).
Now I’m back from Israel and I’m following up my searches about who are Neturei Karta, and I surprisingly found a website on which I read the book of Ruth Ben David. I was fascinated by the way of how this devoted woman spent a rich wonderful life especially with the saint and honorable Rabbi Amram Blau, and the faith and respect she had for Neturei Karta.
I pray for you and support you in all efforts you make to keep the Truth from Heavenly Father and The Torah.
May The Maschiach in The Name of Our Creator Bless you and your whole community all around the world.
I thank you so much for having taken the time to read me.
With Blessing and all my support for your cause from Switzerland. May I help you in a way or another, please let me know.

Sun, 15 Jan 2017, 09:57

“The political ideology that your movement has, changed my opinion about all Jews“

Need to talk to someone who speak Russian or Arabic. I interested in some information about Jews and Judaism. I am a Palestinian who was learn in Ukraine, but the political ideology that your movement has, changed my opinion about all Jews ... thank you.. and I wait your answer in E-mail.

Thu, 9 Mar 2017, 05:44

“I have read … about your work/mission, and it has turned all my knowledge upside down“

Shalom! The last couple of days I have read and watched videos about your work/mission, and it has turned all my knowledge upside down, from what I thought before. Some bricks has fallen into place. All these Wars could have been avoided if every Jew was True Torah believers, isn`t that correct ? I want to learn, study your claims with most heart willing and I wish you all G_d`s blessing.

Mon, 30 Jan 2017, 17:05

“Thanks a lot for showing the real peaceful face of Judaism“

Thanks a lot for showing the real peaceful face of Judaism. Many believers knows to little about Judaism and end up justifying violent actions with religion. Please do more conferences in USA and come to Montreal if time permits you. I'm supporting you 100%! Thanks again.

Sun, 4 Dec 2016, 11:42

“I'm so sorry that your people are being so badly misrepresented by the Zionists“

I'm so sorry that your people are being so badly misrepresented by the Zionists and the media - it must be so frustrating. You must keep getting your message out there so people understand the truth. One day the light will outshine the darkness! With very best wishes - Karen

Tue, 4 Oct 2016, 10:27

“I will never call Israelis Jews again and I will only see you as real (Orthodox) Jews“

Dear people of Neturei Karta,
The subject has always been a difficult subject for me. I think it's terrible that Israel exists and what they are doing. I never called Israelis, Israelis but always Jews. Especially when I saw an Orthodox Jew I felt angry inside. My conclusion of the media I've seen was that especially Orthodox Jews are pro-Israel and anti-everyone and everything else. Thank you for letting me see there are Orthodox Jews who do not agree with Israel at all. I will never call Israelis Jews again and I will only see you as real (Orthodox) Jews.

Sun, 29 Nov 2015, 23:30

“Thank you for reminding me how lovely your faith is“

Rabbi Weiss, I came across your interview with Aljazeera (below) LINK while youtube'ing Chomsky and Finkelstein. The discussion was a wonderful look at Zionism vs. Judaism, but more importantly it reignited my appreciation of what it is to be Jewish - a much more beautiful thing than the Zionist perspective could ever allow. Thank you for reminding me how lovely your faith is, and what a powerful vehicle for peace it can be. I will follow you on FB.

8 Nov 2015, 08:35

“You have changed my view on Jews“

Rabbi Dovid Weiss I am a Catholic and you have changed my view on Jews. I have always thought the Jews are doing to the people of Palestine as what Hitler has done to the Jews, I always found Israel to be hypocrites. As knowing God banished the Jewish people and can only return when the Messiah returns. Knowing this you are the first Jew to acknowledge this and you are speaking for the plight of the Palestine People. I say God Bless you Rabbi and I would be proud to stand by you and walk the path to free the Palestine People and the Jewish people at the same time. Before the U.N intervened and gave the Jewish people Israel Jews, Muslims and Christians lived side by side in Peace!!! God Bless you Rabbi Dovid Weiss

Wed, 21 Oct 2015, 09:22

“I am glad to know that Judaism is not what we all think it is“

Dear Sir,
I stumbled onto your website by accident. I read some of your articles and your mission.
For the longest time in my life while searching for God, I believed Judaism has nothing to do with what the Zionist has been doing. And now, I found the answer. I am a born Muslim and I have always believed that I have the right to look for God my own way. There are many that I disagree with what taught in religion then the reality. I read the Torah, Bible, and of course Al Quran. All seemed to be a peace loving religion but reality is disappointing. Well, I am glad to know that Judaism is not what we all think it is. I've found one true religion reflected in the Quran. And I will be searching for the other 3 till I reached the one and Only.
Bless be!

Wed, 30 Sept 2015, 13:33

“I believed that all Jews were stonehearted, cruel and blinded“

Sirs i would just like to say that you have restored my faith in humanity. I believed that all Jews were stonehearted, cruel and blinded. But I can see I was mistaken. I am very glad to see your cause and will do what is within my power to further your message. Keep up the good work.

Tue, 15 Sept 2015, 15:54

“People like yourselves are the very reason that God Almighty set you aside as His chosen people“

Greetings from Bulgaria. I am a huge admirer of Rabbi Dovid Weiss and Neturei Karta. I feel much love in my heart for the things you do and the way that you do them. Always peaceful, respectful and determined. I have no doubt that people like yourselves are the very reason that God Almighty set you aside as His chosen people. I am a humble follower of Jesus Christ who tries to live as best i can to love God and love my neighbor. My life is based around helping those who have alcohol problems. I felt the need to reach out to you in some way. My services and home is open to any of you who may either need help or indeed simply need a holiday in our beautiful peaceful village of Maslarevo in northern Bulgaria. You would be assured of a warm welcome. God bless your work.

_Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 3_42 PM

“Important words which inspired and filled my heart by hope“

Subject: Thank You
Dear Rabbi Weiss,
Let me say from my heart to thank you for very important words which inspired and filled my heart by hope for resurrection of faith and love to Jews.
By your person and organization Neturei Karta the world has a chance to be a better place for our life and life of our children.
I would be very glad if we will keep in touch as friends. You have open doors in Slovakia. If you would plan to travel in Slovakia, you will be our guests.

Thu, 18 Dec 2014, 05:28

“I really appreciate your activities … for the sake of … revealing the truth of Judaism“

I am a 28 years Muslim girl from Algeria...I found your website by chance...I really appreciate your activities & woks for the sake of clearing the facts é revealing the truth of Judaism. I really loved you (I never imagined that I would love or even respect a Jewish one day!) but you are such an honored & a clean people who really represent their religion with so much of humanity. I do respect you & I will always pray for you. God bless you all.
Assalem alaikum.

Tue, 23 Sept 2014, 09:35

“I found real Jews. Really real 100% Jews“

Wow!!! I can't believe, I found real Jews. Really real 100% Jews. Thanks God, ! there is still chance for life in this crazy World. Thank you gentlemen, you are saving a humanity. I will be praying for you success.

17 Aug 2014, 23:51

“I was mixing mistakenly the state of Israel and their horrendous actions with Judaism“

I respect your humanity tremendously. I was mixing mistakenly the state of Israel and their horrendous actions with Judaism. Thank you for the videos you publish in the internet which clarifies a lot of the media misinformation.

Sat, 2 Aug 2014, 17:25

“I had NO IDEA that there were Jews opposing the existence of Israel“

I stumbled across your site by pure accident. I would like to tell you that I really appreciate your effort. I had NO IDEA that there were Jews opposing the existence of Israel. I have some Jewish friends and it always becomes very uneasy if the topic falls to Israel. I feel that I can't express what I really think which is that there has been a grave injustice done to the Palestinian people. Any criticism is always interpreted as being anti-Semitic and akin to supporting the Nazis. Thank you once more and I send you my best wishes and God's blessings Corinne Jones

Thu, 24 Jul 2014, 00:57

“Most people now think that Jews are murders“

Hi there, I saw a video of one of the protests on Facebook and start searching for you, guys. I decided to write this email just to say that here in Brazil (and I believe the same happens in other countries) we have no idea that you exist. A new image of the Jewish people is been created. Most people now think that Jews are murders. Keep going on your fight, we all need peace.

Tue, 22 Jul 2014, 08:21

“You have changed my opinion about Jews“

Thank you for protesting against the slaughtering of human being's in Gaza, you have changed my opinion about Jews and have I’m relieved to know that you are not all brainwashed to think like Israel, you make me want to know more about the Jewish community, may your god bless you!

Sun, 6 Jul 2014, 18:18

“You prove to all over the world how is the real Jewish person must act“

Dear Neturei Karta team. Greetings from Jerusalem the capital for all nations who believe in peace. My name is Mohammed from Jerusalem/Palestine, I am sending you this simple email and feel proud to communicate you guys cause you prove to all over the world how is the real Jewish person must act. I am fully proud of you as I am requesting you to accept my friendship and loyalty to your peaceful party. I am from young generation who believe in peace and looking for better life like anyone in this world but unfortunately in this country it’s hard to live in peace with all human rights. Finally I want to thank you again for all your support to Arabs, wish the best wishes as i hope to come to your office to meet all of you in person. Salam.

Sat, 5 Apr 2014, 10:14

“I honestly never knew there was a distinction amongst, what looked to me like all the same people“

Dear Rabbi, I was very pleased to stumble on your website through a youtube link. I am so happy that I do not have to go against my faith anymore & hate Jews! I honestly never knew there was a distinction amongst, what looked to me like all the same people. We do not share the same faith. I am Pentecostal. My Bible teaches me that Israel is God's chosen nation. So, like many people of my faith I was taught that we must rally behind this Jewish state & the plight of "God's people". But certain things I saw of "these" people didn't add up. How could God choose a people that have committed so much evil & who have no compassion or tolerance for anyone but themselves? Watching your video just opened my eyes & renewed my faith in God because now I see there is a tremendous difference. The sad thing is that millions of churches all around the world are teaching that the nation must lobby around all efforts for the State of Israel.
This information MUST get out to all people. It's too important & the media is not doing it.
Thank You
Anamaria, I am an RN & Family Nurse Practitioner,

4 Mar 2014, 09:00

“Thank you for restoring my faith in true precepts of Judaism“

Your YouTube videos with explanations about Neturei Karta have really helped me. I returned from visiting the Holy Land a few weeks ago. Still, I am processing the experience. At any rate, I found you and appreciate you and will keep you in my prayers. Especially thank you to Rabbi David Weiss, for outspoken support for Palestinians and for clarifying. Yes, I have a problem with Zionism and have not a problem with Judaism. ( I will brag a little, In 1972 I took 2 classes at Hebrew Union College (Los Angeles) while in high school -- an all girls catholic h. s. can you believe? It was a wonderful opportunity and sensitized me to Jewish community which welcomed me with great hospitality-- I will always remember. Anyway, thank you for restoring my faith in true precepts of Judaism because I was getting worried after seeing what I did in Holy Land/Palestine. Let us pray for one another and I join you in praying for that day when we all pray to One G-d and serve with complete compassion. Blessings, Marcia

Thu, 30 Jan 2014, 23:55

“Your video gave me the hope that the true Jewish believers exist in this time“

NAME: Ahmed
Dear Rabbi Dovid,
My name is Ahmed. I was watching YouTube recently and crossed by your protests against the Zionists.
I was surprised to know that there are God fearing Jews living in our time, perhaps it is because of my little knowledge. Your video gave me the hope that the true Jewish believers exist in this time.
Quran asked us to be companion with the true Jews and impraised the true Jewish believers in many versus.
I want to tell you that I agree 100% with you. we have no problem with the Jewish people. Our problem is with the Zionist who wants to rule based on a satanic rules.
In Sudan we still have the Jewish Graveyard. Israel government took the bodies and moved it to Israel but we still have it as a sign of Jewish and Muslims and Christians lived side by side with no problems at all.
May the Almighty God who sent Mouses to Pharaoh and to whom the magicians of Pharaoh believed in him guide us all to the peace and harmony that asked us to maintain and give us the strength against the evil.
We are told in the Quran that this will happen and they (Zionists) will raise 2 times. One happened before and one I think is now but this will be their last time and the true believers will win the battle.
If I came to USA (If God's will) then I it is my pleasure to meet you.
Peace Be Upon You

Mon, 1 Apr 2013, 09:27

“the news about your activity has changed my idea about Jewish people“

I'm an Iranian and the news about your activity has changed my idea about Jewish people. I thought all of you are criminal.

Thu, 31 Jan 2013, 17:10

“I always thought that all Jews were the same“

Hello, very good, I liked your page very much I always thought that all Jews were the same until I saw this page now I believe that there are Jews with good hearts and that if they practice their religion well and follow the TORAH, many congratulations.

Mon, 8 Oct 2012, 07:39

“[I was always] made to believe that all Jewish people are bad“

First I would like the Almighty to instill this feeling of brotherhood with my Jews Brothers and Sisters who believe in peace and harmony for all Gods followers. Being from South Africa and growing up under the apartheid government I can understand why the occupation by the Zionist are wrong and where always confused and made to believe that all Jewish people are bad, but our almighty has shown and proof to us that he has kept the faith alive by proofing to us the difference between Zionism and the Jews faith. As a Muslim if come to respect the Jews people who stands against discrimination and oppression and give my support to help make this world a better place for all. I can proudly teach my children and fellow Muslims that it’s not the Jews people who are bad but the Zionist who claim that they are the people from the book and is doing God's will.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

“What I have learnt is that the orthodox Jew are a god fearing, … honest and peaceful people“

I just want to say i count you all amongst my brothers and sisters, what i have discovered has just open my eyes, i was fortunate enough to have retrieve an interview (on YouTube) given by your distinguished elders dated 07-31-00, it just blew me away, what I have learnt is that the orthodox Jew are a god fearing, salt of the earth, humble, respectable, honest and peaceful people, please forward newsletter as i would like to keep abreast on events, take care

Sunday, March 11, 2012

“What it truly means being a Jew“

I truly salute and applaud the esteemed rabbi and my fellow Jewish friends of Neturei Karta who have shed me some light on what it truly means of being a Jew amidst the relentless savagery of Israel
Good be with us
Assalamu alaikum

7 Oct 2011, 18:21

“Your organization restores the honor of a proud and ancient people“

You restore my faith in humanity.
As a Christian I visited Palestine renamed by the Zionists as Israel in 1982 on an archeological holiday, excavating the palace in Lacshish - is this how it is spelled? I was treated well - I could pass for a European Jew in a crowd. What appauled me was the attitude that most people with whom I was working - mostly from the USA and Tel Aviv university had to the Palestinians. I saw police frog marching an Arab down the road and treating the local indigenous population in a manner that would result in the prosecution and dismissal of British police. To be frank, many experiences reminded me of the treatment of the Jews by the Nazi 'Herrenvolk'.
Much of the treatment of the Palestinians is directly analagous to the treatment of non-ethnic Germans by the Nazis when they took over Western Poland in 1939-1940
I note that as a scientist myself that the greatest intellect of the 20th century refused to be the Israeli Head of State. Einstein was no Zionist.
As a non-Jew, I am aware that of all nations, the Jews have been some of the greatest benefactors to humanity.
Jewish morality defined in the Ten Commandments is the basis of Christian morality. Many of the great thinkers over the centuries have been Jewish as was one of our greatest British Prime Ministers. The Jewish Rothschild financed British and Prussian armies to rid the world of the French Hitler, Napoleon.
The existence of your organization restores the honor of a proud and ancient people.

Wed, 17 Aug 2011, 21:33

“I had a black idea about Jews … but … thanks to you I get the proof that all Jews aren't evil“

My name's Mehdi I'm a 26 year old Muslim man living in Oran (North West of Algeria) I only heard about your organization 6 months ago and I started reading and searching about you on the internet. I finally came to the conclusion that you are very courageous and brave and you're doing a great work. I had a black idea about Jews and used to confound Zionism and Judaism and that's unfortunately the case of most people here in my country, but now and thanks to you I get the proof that all Jews aren't evil and that real Jews who stands for the right word and the right interpretation of the Torah "The holy book" still exist. I really don't get the right words to describe how much I'm glad to see people like you fighting for peace. My English isn't good enough to let me express to you my gratitude for being so brave. From now on I'll do my best to spread about your news and let the Algerian people know about you, your peaceful fight and your wonderful faith and beleifs.
I'm a chemist and in my free time I like to write letters (postal letters) to my penfriends around the world , I'll be very thankful if you can get me in touch with someone from your organization that shares the same hobbie as me .
once again thanks for your remarkable work, may god bless you and all the peaceful Jewish people.

Thu, 12 May 2011, 17:08

“I didn't know there were worthy Jews“

Sinceramente fiquei perplexo ao ver esse site.
Por mais incrivel que possa parecer eu não sabia que existiam Judeus dignos.
Fico extremamente feliz de costatar que eu estava enganado.
Por favor, continuem tentando parar as atrocidades que vemos dia a dia e as mentiras que são veiculadas nas midias contaminadas e parcias.
Saudações e agradecimento.
[Portageeeze translate to English]
I was honestly stunned to see this site.
As incredible as it may seem, I didn't know there were worthy Jews.
I am extremely happy to report that I was wrong.
Please keep trying to stop the atrocities we see day by day and the lies that are aired in the contaminated and partial media.
Greetings and thanks.

Mon, 7 Mar 2011, 07:52

“I am sure there must be many others like you“

Hello, I'm very, very happy to find your site and to find you. I have being think for years that it could not be true that Jewish people could ALL be so bitter and radical as the press in Germany and in the World makes believe. I was sure there must be human beings, that also happen to be Jews that disagree with the policy of Israel. I am glad I was not wrong. I am sure there must be many others like you, both Jews and Muslims. I will spread the news as far as i can. I will post the link to this page on Facebook right now. I wish you all much success in both remaining human and spreading this feeling in the world. Thank you!

Thu, 8 Jul 2010, 06:49

“The Jews can still be beautiful people“

I am in tears with relief. I grew up with holocaust refugees and suffered much emotional pain sharing their terrible experiences - and they were beautiful, loving people. In recent years I have had huge problems regarding my feelings over Zionist persecution and slaughter of Palestinians.
Thank you for restoring my faith. The Jews can still be beautiful people -THANK GOD!

Wed, 16 Jun 2010, 10:54

“I always had a corrupted image of Judaism“

I came to know about your organization by chance when I received a video of Rabbi Weiss interview on Fox news two years ago. After reading more about your philosophy and ideology and what you preach for i must say that I got very impressed of your bold stand specially that in the last months I started getting more interested in the history of Jews and I’m already reading a heavy book of this great history.
I'm sorry to say that I always had a corrupted image of Judaism until it started to change when i started reading this book and I came to know how Judaism brought enlightment to a region that no God was recognized in. This image started changing more when I started reading more about your organization and your ultra-orthodox ideology.
I'm sorry for my long introduction, I do appreciate your movement and i was wondering if you ever had any representatives or actions in Jordan as I’m a Jordanian citizen.

Mon, 14 Jun 2010, 18:23

“I am a Muslim and I am so happy to see the other side of the Jews“

I truly must say that I am delighted to have found out about your site. I am a Muslim and I am so happy to see the other side of the Jews, apparently the TRUE Jews, the real Jews. All this time I mistakenly took the Zionist for the orthodox ones. I also must say that I have been brought up with absolutely no hate against Jews! I always respect other ones their religions and habits. Whoever they may be.
Why are we the sounds that are not heard?
Why are you the Jews that are not shown?
Why are we the silent majority that cannot be heard?
People like you, are an inspiration and hope for a better tomorrow, a world in which there is no them or us, just WE, together.
Salam. Shalom Peace be upon WE

Tue, 11 Feb 2020, 10:20

“I am so glad to learn there are Jewish people … who … love G-d and refuse to be deceived by politics “

Hello, I just wanted to say I am so glad to learn there are Jewish people such as yourselves, who know and love G-d and refuse to be deceived by politics. I am embarrassed that people who call themselves Christians close their eyes to the wickedness done in the name of Zionism. My father served with the British army in Palestine at the end of WWII and saw some horrible things done by Zionists, but this is suppressed. The holocaust was pure evil, and it is right to determine 'never again'. But we must represent the G-d who is love, otherwise we are as bad as the perpetrators. Blessings, Janet Lock

Wed, 2 Mar 2016, 17:07

“People stand up for and define the principles of religion“

Good Evening (or afternoon as is will be over there),
I happened to come across a video on Facebook of a demonstration some time last year. I must say how refreshingly pleasant it was to see people stand up for and define the principles of religion (in this example Judaism obviously, however let's be honest, the fundamentals of almost all the major religions are predominantly the same). Furthermore, in a time of such animosity, it was nice to see that people are standing up for the true values in regards to co-existing alongside Muslims. Indeed the Torah and the Quran teach us that we are to love all pur neighbors, regardless of the color, religion, caste or creed.
Having spent a number of years fighting hate speech and bigotry online through various forms and aliases, I would love to know if such a movement exists here in the UK, and whether there is or not, I would love to be able to learn from, and collaborate with, yourselves to propogate and further your message.
I look forward to hearing from yourselves, and, by the grace of God, keep up the fantastic work.
Yours sincerely

Thu, 24 Sept 2015, 09:09

“Fortunately some organizations have remained steadfast to GOD“

Real Jewish people are so under represented worldwide. The 3 monotheist religions have been hijacked, but fortunately some organizations have remained steadfast to GOD. Thank you for being real brave intelligent JEWISH rabbis.

Tue, 25 Aug 2015, 00:33

“Finally somebody is saying the truth about Judaism and the truth about the Holly Torah“

Shalom, This massage is for my respectable brother Mr. Yisroel Dovid Weiss, my name is Baha _______ I'm a Muslim and very impressed with everything you say and follow you from time to time and thank you for everything you do for the Palestinians and Finally somebody is saying the truth about Judaism and the truth about the Holly Torah. I would love to meet with you and talk to you I would love for you to come and honor us with a visit in Rhode Island. I hope to hear from you soon.

Wed, 12 Aug 2015, 13:08

“I have a new found respect for Orthodox Jewry“

It was wonderful to see the NKI articles on line that are so consistent with my views and I believe most non-Jews in this world. I went to school with and made some close Jewish friends, hence sometimes felt disloyal considering my views on the Middle East. I must admit my ignorance regarding what Zionism is and their objectives except that I was aware of and take exception to the Israeli PM encouraging Jews to come home. The NKI explanation that Jews should be proud of their Nationality; Canadian or otherwise is good news and beneficial to all Jews regardless of Nationality. I have a new found respect for Orthodox Jewry. Thank You, but I wish your message was more widespread recruiting the support of non-Jews also. Thanks again.

15 Jun 2015, 19:03

“My eyes have been opened to the goodness of true Jewish people and to their high morals and ethics“

Dear Rabbi: A very big thank you for taking time to reply to my letter. I know there must be many demands on your time.
I have learned a lot about the true nature of Judaism from my study and am glad my work brought me on this journey as before, all I heard from media here was the Zionism and Judaism were the same. When I see the occupation and the terrible things suffered by Jewish and non-Jewish in the Holy Land, something told me that the media spin could not be accurate as nothing bad comes from God. I am very glad I started to read and there is much for me to learn still. but at least my eyes have been opened to the goodness of true Jewish people and to their high morals and ethics. I am anxious to get others here to listen in Ireland and through my work in schools to get our young people to open their eyes to God in all faiths and to practice good morals with all people they meet without exceptions…
I note with interest the dietary restrictions of the Jewish faith, note also that observant Christians cannot for example, eat any pork or pork derived product (I stick to this rigidly and am angry the Christian church in the West is lax on this rule) and see similarities in Islam and also note parallels between kosher and halal slaughter. I am very sure we are brothers and sisters and must mind each other and speak in defense of each other.
I have read of the Shoah [Holocaust] and know the role played by many evil human entities in it including some Zionist elements. I abhor even the smallest scratch on any Jewish person or for that matter any person but really feel people of faith must speak up fast before all of us are forced to play by secular rules where people do not look to the Creator for guidance…
A very sincere thank you and be sure you are in prayers here for peace and I hope good Jews, Christians and Muslims are wise enough to stand together for justice.
PS my father's best doctor is a Jewish lady and she has been an inspiration to us all our lives, she is very old now, but she always told us to never give up on chasing truth and she lost her parents in Nazi Germany. I will dedicate my efforts for sure partly for her, Dr Neuman.
Yours v sincerely,

Mon, 13 Apr 2015, 08:26

“I understood more than ever before why the Jewish people have been so well-respected“

I saw some interviews of rabbi Dovid Weiss on YouTube and I was touched to the point of tears. My spiritual mentor is a Turkish imam who has taught me compassion, kindness, separation of religion from culture/nationality, and, loving God and not the material world. The rabbi's teachings resonate with me and after listening to him I understood more than ever before why the Jewish people have been so well-respected starting with the Prophet Mohammed PBUH. Does the rabbi give religious/spiritual lectures, i would love to attend (and meet him too if possible. Shalom and salam ayesha

Mon, 6 Apr 2015, 16:08

“to thank your movement for your honesty and defense of true religion message “

Peace be on you,
I'm Muslim student from France, I’m a PhD researcher in marketing. I'm writing to thank your movement for your honesty and defense of true religion message against this new imperialism called Zionism!
It's criminal what's happening! and I want truly to express to you my support for your honesty.
Thank you again

Wed, 28 Jan 2015, 19:28

“You are the real Jews“

I really appreciate your opinion and standby with the Palestinians. May god be with you and you are the real Jews who believe in the wright Torah. I am a Muslim but I feel like you are brothers to me. Only god can lead the people of Israel to their home and not Zionism.