The difference between Judaism & Zionism

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Sat, 23 Aug 2014, 01:29

“Want to say thank you!“

First, want to say thank you! I'm actually a Jordanian American and distraught at what is transpiring in that region. I want to offer my support!! I know how beautiful judiaism is and saddened to see how people can manipulate scripture for personal gain. Thank you for raising awareness!!! Prayers!

21 May 2021, 14:37

“Many of us have learnt to separate Zionism and Judaism“

My name is Mohammed Haroun. I'm from Birmingham, England.
I don't know if this is the method to contact Rabbi Weiss but if it is I just want him to know that I've been listening to him since I was a lad and I have a great deal of respect for him. I also want him to know that his voice is not going unheard. Many of us have learnt to separate Zionism and Judaism thanks to Rabbi Weiss efforts and the efforts of other members of the Jewish community.
Here in the UK we have had many Palestinian protests and I'm proud to say as a British Muslim there have been no incidents that I know of, of anti-Jewish sentiment. As a matter of fact so many Jewish people have come out in support of the cause.
It seems like it is a true time of change God willing and I believe some credit should be given to the efforts of Rabbi Weiss and his colleagues.
Thanks again for all you say and do Rabbi. I pray one day I get to meet you and shake your hand.
Best wishes,

21 Sept 2020, 22:43

“If I hadn't seen that YouTube, I would have died, believing that all Jews were Zionists“

Hello. My name is Atsuko. I am Japanese.
There are no Jewish people (or Islamic people) in the Japanese. (Unless the marriage partner is of those religions.) Of course, the concept of anti-Semitism does not exist in Japan.
The Japanese are almost ignorant of Jews. We Japanese know just "the tragedy of the Nazi Holocaust" and that Israel is a Jewish country and they are persecuting the Palestinian people. (But the Middle East is so far from Japanese life that most Japanese have no interest in it.) And generally we consider that "all Jews are Zionists."
I have, too, always believed that Jews are Zionists and therefore unfavorable. (It's not from anti-Semitic ideas. Again, Japanese people never have anti-Semitic ideas.)
One day I watched a YouTube video. It was a protest against Israel by an ultra-Orthodox Jew in northern London. ("Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews against Israel").
I was deeply surprised and impressed to see it.
There, the ultra-Orthodox people blamed the Zionists for disobeying the Jewish teachings of "don't steal" and "don't kill."
They follow God's teachings and try to protect the soul and spirit of the real Jews. I thought the pride of being Jewish made them hate Zionists, and the awe of God , a thorough belief is protecting their hearts and lives.
Even though I am completely ignorant of Judaism, I think that the ultra-Orthodox people are justice and correct.
I am deeply moved by the purity and action of their beliefs.
I believe that those who act with a belief in something beyond humans are the happiest, the strongest, and the most noble of all.
I am fortunate to get out of the thinking of [hating Jews because they are Zionists.] If I hadn't seen that YouTube, I would have died, believing that all Jews were Zionists. I'm glad I was able to avoid it.
I support ultra-Orthodox people from far away Japan. Please send this email to Rabbi Beck and Rabbi Brier in Northern London. Thank you.

Tue, 7 Jul 2020, 22:38

“I always felt, believed, and stand for the difference between Zionism“

So glad to have found your site, and organization. I always felt, believed, and stand for the difference between Zionism, SATAN, and good Jewish People, the few still hanging on to the true Covenant, God Bless You, I am with Your fight. Love you folks, God will bless those still fighting for truth. P.s. I too, have suffered great negativity, in fact violent reaction, for speaking the truth, for the sake of peace. American politics stand by Israel for many bad reasons, one, is they did the same to the…

Fri, 13 Dec 2019, 14:32

“I’m very positively surprised by the courage your group shows“

Greetings! I’m very positively surprised by the courage your group shows throughout various decades of standing up for the right! How can I help you guys? Please tell me, I’m proud to say I speak broken Yiddish, and therefore understood many of the protests spoken online, I want to help you guys, greetings from Germany, where one day true Judaism will flourish again!
I’m sorry to interrupt in your guys important Immission once again, I have put up various signs declaring that the Zionist state of Israel and true Judaism are 2 different things, if you have any pre written text I would love to receive an idea of what context the pashkivil haben soll,

5 Aug 2019, 06:07

“I believe that the battle is not with Jews or Judaism“

تحياتي لكم
اكتب لكم مع خالص الاحترم
اتابع نشاطاتكم من زمن بعيد وانا اعبر لكم عن خالص الاحترام لكم
انا صالح عوض كاتب فلسطيني اؤمن بان المعركة ليست مع اليهود ولا اليهودية انما مع الصهاينة الذين ارتكبوا المأساة ضد الفلسطينيين واليهود على حد سواء
يسعدني التواصل معكم مع خالص الاحترام
Greetings to you all
I am writing to you with the utmost respect
I have been following your activities for a long time and I express my sincere respect to you
I am Saleh, a Palestinian writer. I believe that the battle is not with Jews or Judaism, but with the Zionists who committed the tragedy against Palestinians and Jews alike.
It is my pleasure to communicate with you with the most sincere respect

Mon, 11 Feb 2019, 08:54

“I really try to make a distinction between Jewish people and the state of Israel“

I just watched "Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel", it was so beautiful.
, I respect people of all faiths and try to not equate people with governments.
But when it comes to Israel it's hard, it just seems that to many Jews supports killing of children, then the lines between people and government gets a bit blurred.
After watching the documentary my prejudices really faded, it was so inspirational seeing people who stand firmly for religious believes and principles despite opposition and personal risks.
You have my love and respect.

Tue, 8 Jan 2019, 22:02

“I thought that all of the Jewish people had ties to Zionist“

OK, this is kind of confusing me here. So, you guys are Jewish people who don’t like the Zionist? I thought that all of the Jewish people had ties to Zionist or something? Also hasn’t the Torah been invaded by all sort of evil stuff?

Mon, 1 Oct 2018, 11:36

“Exposing the Zionist criminals who are trying to hijack the true Jewish Religion“

Dear Rabi, I would like to congratulate you on the work you are doing exposing the Zionist criminals who are trying to hijack the true Jewish Religion and the vicious attacks on the People of Palestine Zionism is truly an evil regime. I would like to receive more information. Also do ie there a branch of Neturei Karta in Australia. God Bless. Regards, Norman

Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 8:08 PM

“Rabbi Cohen gave an excellent talk … it made a big improvement“

Dear Dovid,
I can't believe how helpful, willing and co-operative Rabbi Cohen, Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Beck and his colleague have been. They made a tremendous and warm impression on everyone who met them. Nothing that was asked of them was too much trouble, they helped us willingly.
On Tuesday evening Rabbi Cohen gave an excellent talk on the differences between Judaism and Zionism and I think it made a big improvement in the understanding of those who were there. Afterwards we had a very inclusive Q&A with many of the visitors eager to gain more knowledge of NK's position with respect to Israel/Palestine/Judaism and Zionism. In fact we overstayed our time a little in the meeting room because there was so much interest.
On Wednesday afternoon I was quite surprised when I left the conference to see Rabbi Beck and his colleague, forgive me, I have forgotten his name, standing in the area outside the Conference hall with their cards displaying their support for Jeremy Corbyn. They attracted quite a large crowd in their traditional clothing, with many conference goers congratulating them and wanting to have their photographs taken with them, as well as wanting to talk to them about their beliefs and backgrounds. The atmosphere was one of friendliness and admiration all round.
…All in all it was a very successful occasion and I thank you for helping to bring it about. I'm sure that in one way or another, Jeremy Corbyn will get to hear about it and see the pictures.
Very best regards,

Mon, 2 Oct 2017, 14:42

“Israel's actions do not represent Judaism“

My name is Abdurahim, living in Orlando, FL. I'm 23 years old senior college student studying civil engineering at University of Central Florida. I'm originally Turkish. I've come to see your work where your community stands up against brutality, and showing the true face of brothership by the Jewish people makes me believe that there's still hope between Jewish and Muslim communities.
I truly admire the work you guys have done. I, as a Muslim, feel very bad when I see the brutalities caused by terror groups that claim to be Muslim. However, I know just like 99% of the Muslims that this is not Islam, and they don't represent us. I also believe that Israel's actions do not represent Judaism, so I understand how frustrating it is.
Our prophet Muhammad's neighbors were Jewish and lived in peace without any harm one another at that time. Jews lived in Ottoman Empire for centuries in peace. We welcomed Jews during the 1700s when Jews were being treated bad in Europe. I think this is the true face of both of our religions, and I would be more than happy to be part of your organization and do anything I can to help.
Thank you guys for your work.

23 Apr 2017, 21:12

“They don’t represent the beliefs of the Jewish people“

Hello and good day my friend! I'd like to first introduce myself, I'm John, and 18 year old who has only recently become awake to the truth on the illumanati, Zionist state etc... I'd like to say that though I am not a Jew, I fully agree with everything you guys have said concerning the Zionist state and how. I fully support you guys exposing the corrupt Zionist state and I found it very encouraging you gentlemen were bold enough to openly denounce them. It is encouraging to see that there are so many Jewish people who don’t support the freemasonic/Zionist super state…
Thank you for your time and good day!

Fri, 12 May 2017, 14:46

“I am now able to differentiate true Judaism from the poisonous blasphemy of Zionism“

Thank you. As a Christian who has only recently discovered the evils of Zionism I have been torn at a deeply spiritual level until I was shown that there is a remnant of the TRUE Jewish faith, and that it (you) also stand in opposition to it. Living in the US, I have of course been inculcated with the idea that one cannot "speak out against the Jews"; it is a great, spiritual weight off my shoulders to know that I am now able to differentiate true Judaism from the poisonous blasphemy of Zionism. May God bless you.

Wed, 10 Feb 2016, 06:23

“I did not know the difference between Zionists and People of Israel“

After reading your website, now I really understand. I did not know the difference between Zionists and People of Israel. Thank you for your very informative reading and opening my understanding.

Fri, 25 Sept 2015, 18:07

“For me it was IMPOSSIBLE … for a Jewish person, wherever in the world, not to Be Zionist!“

Salma alaykoum? I have just discovered your web site and I wanted to express my surprise. We know only what we are told and for me it was IMPOSSIBLE, really, for a Jewish person, wherever in the world, not to Be Zionist! Well I thing that my sleep and my dreams will be Wis, tonight than yesterday's..... Thank you for all you do for The Gazaoui.... Equality and Reconciliation is the only way to Peace.

1 Sept 2009, 15:29

“Most if not all of us recognize that Judaism is not the … problem“

Dear Rabbis,
I like many Arabs and Muslims around the globe are waiting for the day when justice is served. Most if not all of us recognize that Judaism is not the issue/problem. In fact, you never hear the word enemy attached to the word Jew in our major media networks or state media. The reference has always been to the "Zionist Enemy." Judaism, of course, is a Godly religion that cannot tolerate the suffering of one people on the hand of another, and that is quite understood and we thank you for bringing to light all this information…
Much appreciated.

22 Apr 2015, 09:29

“I always thought that Zionism and Judaism are the same“

I always thought that Zionism and Judaism are the same or at least every Jew is Zionist. Now it look likes that that I was wrong. I am a Muslim by birth. Born in Karachi. I would like to receive information about your organization.

Fri, 22 Aug 2014, 05:43

“Previously I foolishly assumed that all Jews were Zionists“

Hello, firstly I would like to say that your site gives me faith in humanity and hope for the future. You have opened my eyes to the difference between Jews and Zionists, previously I foolishly assumed that all Jews were Zionists. Seeing Rabbi Dovid Weiss speak online left me with tears in my eyes, solidarity in my heart and hope for the people of Palestine. I live in Australia and would like to support your cause in any way I can, is there any group or association in my country that I can lend my assistance to. Many thanks. Scott Love

Fri, 8 Aug 2014, 13:10

“I promise to educate my fellow Muslim brothers on the difference between Zionist and Jews“

Until I found your website and read about your introduction and brief history, I was wondering why do Jews hate Muslims so much that they don't care to kill Muslim children and women.
Truly I now feel educated enough to differentiate Zionists and the real Jews who signed several treaties with my Role model, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) which they coexisted side by side.
I promise to educate my fellow Muslim brothers on the difference between Zionist and Jews, who are described in the Qur'an.
Looking forward to hear from you on how spreading that will help

Sun, 3 Aug 2014, 22:11

“Yes, there is a difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism“

Subject: FW: BDS movement is for peace.
It is time, never too late, for all Jews to dissociate from this state of Israel and all its destructive nihilism and negativism. It is time to finally acknowledge that yes, there is a difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Jews are Semitic by nature but this has nothing to do with this modern form of Israeli/Zionism. This form of Zionism is merely a choice, a destructive choice of extreme nationalism, racialism or racist cruelty that entails the selfish interest of one group at the expense of another. Yes, the division of Palestine was an inexcusable act of depriving some for the benefit of other. The "war in Palestine" is a civil war for the integrity of one country, a division of a country that no other country would accept... the splitting of their own countries for the benefit of one group and the displacement of its own residents with all others inconveniences, damages and suffering that it ensues. A minority that rules by manipulations of the rules of a democracy to keep prerogatives for themselves. That is a faked society, ruled by force and repression of the majority. It herefore has and do use force and violence to keep themselves in this superiority against an ever growing majority. It therefore the interest of all Jews to disassociate from this untenable, cruel and above all immoral situation.

Sun, 3 Aug 2014, 13:01

“There is a very clear distinction between Zionism and Judaism“

ZIONISM AND JUDAISM – LET US DEFINE OUR TERMS. As a Christian we clearly do not see eye to eye on all issues. However, I do thank you for the printing of the above. It will be a great help in explaining that all Jews are not evil, and there is a very clear distinction between Zionism and Judaism.

Mon, 28 Jul 2014, 09:35

“Do not forget that a … considerable margin exists … between Judaism and Zionism“

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Que la Paix soit sur vous chers cousins juifs !
Je vous écris de Paris car j'ai trouvé votre mobilisation continuelle pour la liberté du peuple Palestinien véridique, impressionnante et digne du peuple juif.
Bravo ! Vous redonnez toute la valeur qui manque à ce peuple aujourd'hui, à cause du sionisme...
Je tiens à vous dire qu'en tant que musulmane et pro-palestinienne je n'ai rien contre les juifs du monde entier, d'ailleurs nous croyons en Moïse, en Isaac, en Jésus, en Joseph, en Jacob, en Benyamin, en Noé et bien d'autres prophètes beni-Israil.
C'est le sionisme, qui nuit à tous et à toutes, comme toute forme d’extrémisme religieux, que j'ai en horreur.
Je voulais vous adresser mes Grandes Amitiés et sincères car lorsque je vous vois je reprends espoir, Grâce à D., en l'être humain et n'oublie pas qu'une terrible et considérable marge existe et demeure entre le Judaïsme et le sionisme.
Je vous aime et vous souhaite le Salut et la Paix sur terre et dans l'au-delà !
translated to English
Peace be upon you dear Jewish cousins!
I am writing to you from Paris because I have found your continued mobilization for the freedom of the Palestinian people truthful, impressive and worthy of the Jewish people.
Well done! You give back all the value that these people lack today, because of Zionism...
I want to tell you that as a Muslim and pro-Palestinian I have nothing against the Jews of the whole world, moreover we believe in Moses, in Isaac, in Jesus, in Joseph, in Jacob, in Benjamin, in Noah and many other blessed Israel prophets.
It is Zionism, which harms everyone, like any form of religious extremism that I hate.
I wanted to send you my Great and sincere Friendships because when I see you I take again hope, Thanks to God, in the human being and do not forget that a terrible and considerable margin exists and remains between Judaism and Zionism.
I love you and wish you Salvation and Peace on earth and in the hereafter!

Wed, 23 Jul 2014, 13:49

“Those Israelis who kill people.. are not really religious .. they work under a cover of religion“

Hi! My name is Jude and I am originally from Hebron city. I really love Jews as much as I love Arabs because I know we're all Ibrahim's sons (Abraham). My dad always taught me to never hate Jews, but I always watch news on TV and I always watch Israeli soldiers kill people, women, children and I always ask myself why do they do that? Did Arabs do anything to them in the past and since that day I started to read many books about Judaism, Jews in Arabian Gulf history, the relationship between Arabs and Hebrews. And I always found the same thing; there were no problems at all! of course not all Muslims or Jews are angels but some small problems won't lead to a war! I asked people and Nobody gave me an answer! But I know now everything and I hope I am not wrong. Those Israelis who kill people in Palestine are not really religious people and they work under a cover of religion. (AND STILL THERE MANY OTHER JEWS WHO LOVE ARABS) I hope one day all Jews come to live with us again here where they all came from I really want all Jews to know that we still love them and we hope they help us to spread peace in middle east and they come to live with us again…

23 Jul 2014, 03:40

“I have noticed the peace and greatness that your entity represents“

My name is Amjed. I am of Palestinian descent, presently residing in New Orleans, LA. Amidst the turmoil that's taking place in Palestine/Israel, I have witnessed from a distance, a massacre of scores of Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis. I have spent countless days trying to bring awareness to the plight of the Palestinians. While perusing through Twitter, I came across many Palestinian protests spanning different parts of the world of which your religious sect has participated. Through the internet, I have been introduced to the Neturei Karta. I have noticed the peace and greatness that your entity represents. And thus, I've realized that your efforts far exceed anything that I have ever done in the cause of the Palestinian people, and of course, in the cause of the true teachings of Judaism (of which you practice). And for that, I would sincerely like to thank you and commend you. I've always been told stories by my grandparents which indicated that the Jews and Palestinians have been on great terms with each other in the past, having babysat each other's children, coexisting as peaceful and loving neighbors. I've always wondered what caused the drastic change in those relations. Zionism has happened, and not only has it been used as a means to occupy Palestinian land, it has also hijacked the true form of Judaism. I realize that your struggle is mine, and vice versa. I know Zionism and Judaism are completely separate, and I want you to know that I respect you and your faith. I try hard to raise awareness to others that the Palestinian struggle is not one of Arabs versus Jews; rather, it is against Zionism, and against the illegal practices associated with that political ideology.
I hope we can unite and embrace each other as our ancestors have done in the past. God-willing, our struggles will not be in vain as we try to clear the misconceptions of the masses. Clearly, they are misinformed.
With peace and love,

Tue, 22 Jul 2014, 22:26

“Were two different things altogether“

My name is Fayez of Mecca in Saudi Arabia I have learned something new through you. There is not relationship between the Jews and Zionists and they were two different things altogether. Through what your declarations I felt guilty and the right of the Jewish cause this is what he did Zionist I think he was a Jew I love the Jews and hate Zionism. Thank you Neturei Karta cans what you're doing and very sorry to him who are under persecution
In conclusion, I do not speak English and use Google Translator He apologized for the poor expression that happened

Tue, 3 Jun 2014, 21:20

“I found information about the differences between Zionism and Judaism“

Hi all orthodox Jews. I am writing you because today I found this disturbing video on you tube that for a moment made me hate all the Jews However, later I found information about the differences between Zionism and Judaism. I just want to advise you to intensify your work in showing this differences since the Zionistic propaganda is really effective. I wish you all the best. May God bless you!

Thu, 26 Apr 2012, 13:28

“I NEVER realized that there were Jews who felt as you do“

I am an Armenian by heritage. My sister-in-law brought your organization to my attention. I NEVER realized that there were Jews who felt as you do. Do you folks offer DVD’s that state your position and beliefs that I can order so that I can learn more about who you folks are. I am 65 years old and your organization took my breath away with amazement.

Sun, 26 May 2013, 07:08

“I will do all I can in my power when I am on stage, to spread the word about your organization“

This isn't really an inquiry; it is an email to say how much I applaud what you are doing in trying to help the Palestinian people and in trying to stand up against Zionism. I am a comedian from England who is trying to wake people up as to what is going on in this world regarding many different things and the subject of Zionism is one such thing. Being anti-Zionist isn’t anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic. Being anti-Zionist is being against a political ideology, a very violent and oppressive one at that, which is now threatening to control and dictate to, the entire planet. These Zionists have elevated themselves to high political office and have taken over nearly all the major mainstream media organizations in this world, which is why your organization, to the majority of people in this world, is unknown. I love people, all people and I want to see a world that is free from ignorance, war and suffering. I hope that you continue to oppose the Zionist movement and I want you to know that as a Christian, I will do all I can in my power when I am on stage, to spread the word about your organization and let people know the truth. Peace and God bless to you all.

Fri, 7 Dec 2012, 20:47

“Our problem is not with Jews, but with Israel“

I just would like to say may God reward you for being there for the truth..
Hopefully Palestine soon be free, and we see you in your holy land!!
I try as much as i can to let everyone know that our problem is not with Jews, but with Israel.
God bless you!!
Peace from my heart to all the real Jews out there! Hope we meet soon in Palestine

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

“Until then I thought orthodox Jews and Zionists were one in the same“

I was in London last year (2011) and was amazed to see a rabbi waving a Palestinian flag at a rally near Downing Street. Until then I thought orthodox Jews and Zionists were one in the same.
There is very little media coverage of your morally correct and commendable standpoint and I would like to know more of your efforts to bring justice to the Palestinian people.

Wed, 4 Apr 2012, 13:53

“I now understand the distinction between Zionism and orthodox Judaism“

Thank-you for an informative and fascinating interview on video. I too pray daily for peace in Palestine; and end to the torture and killing of innocent Catholics, Jews, and Muslims. I now understand the distinction between Zionism and orthodox Judaism and its implications with respect to the Holy Land.

Mon, 3 Oct 2011, 09:29

“I honestly never knew the difference between a Jew and Zionism“

Just wanted to express my delight in your mission and beliefs. I honestly never knew the difference between a Jew and Zionism. I will look at it differently from this point forward.
As a Muslim, we were always taught that Judaism and Islam are very closely related. I can finally see why.
May God bless you and your cause.

Sun, 7 Aug 2011, 19:42

“Next time I hear people talk ill of the Jews I will explain passionately the difference“

Salaam, as a Muslim born in England, I watch the news and feel saddened by what is happening in Palestine. Very often other Muslims may comment on the Zionists in a negative way. But many do not distinguish between the true Torah Jews and the Zionist. I appreciate and understand that the true Torah Jews are true to the authentic Jewish teachings and I hope you continue with your courageous work. Next time I hear people talk ill of the Jews I will explain passionately the difference between the Zionists and the true Jews. Inshallah your good work will be continued and in my eyes we are all bretheren.

Wed, 2 Jun 2010, 08:27

“We see not all the Jews are Zionist “

We are happy to know there are Jews in the world against what Israel done in Middle East. And we appreciation your comminty and your activity. You show the world, not all the Jews apply what’s happening in the Middle East. And you must to know you are saving the Jews around the world opposite racist attack by your activity and your response. There are many Jews live in Turkey and Turkish people very angry now about attacking Turkish ship. But when we see you, we see not all the Jews are Zionist.
Thank you again.

Thu, 10 Dec 2015, 12:27

“I have nothing against the Jew“

Hello, I am a Muslim and live in the Paris region. I welcome your initiative to inform the world of the truth. Your wisdom and that of our elders of all religions are unprecedented. I would very much like you to be able to intervene in the city where I live in order to make the world around us aware that we must not fall into the amalgam. A man who practices his religion is therefore pacifist. I have nothing against the Jew because you are good as there are good Muslims. God knows better than us men. Hope you can one day debate in our city. Thank you

Sat, 17 Oct 2015, 10:58

“It’s Israel that we are against, not Jews“

I just want to tell you that we are not against you as Jews, Salahuddin kept the Jews and took care of them when he opened Jerusalem, same in Andalusia, all finance ministers where Jews. It’s Israel that we are against, not Jews. I really don’t know why I am writing you! Maybe it’s just a massage from an Arab Muslim to let you know that we have or at least I do not have a problem with Jews and that building bridges starts from saying hi! So hi and may God bless you and show u the right path. Thanks a lot for supporting Palestinians and Palestine and you will be welcomed to stay in Palestine when this occupation lasts because it will one day am sure..