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Protest of Persecution of
Torah-observing Jews in "Israel"

On the Jewish fast day of the ninth of "Av", commemorating the
destruction of the historic Jewish temple in Jerusalem, thousands of Jews gathered opposite the Israeli consulate in New York City to protests against the existence of the state of Israel and its ongoing persecution of religious Jews, Tuesday July 24, 2007.

Orthodox Jews Denounce Israel and Its Policies
New York -- July 24

   Today, on the ninth date of the Jewish month of "Av", the saddest day in the Jewish calendar, which commemorates the destruction of the historic Jewish temple in Jerusalem, all the religious Jewish people around the world fast and pray a full 24 hours period. On this sorrowful, day an estimated five thousand Jews assembled today, while fasting, outside the Israeli consulate in Manhattan in protest against what speakers described as "the illegitimate Israeli state and its cruel persecution of religious Jews." The crowd, spread out over two city blocks, listened peacefully to around a dozen Rabbis, each of whom stated that the notion of a Jewish state while the Jewish people "are under the decree of exile" strikes at the "roots of our faith."

    The issue which drew the cords today, was the recent imprisonment of five Orthodox Jews in the Israeli city of Beit Shemesh, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, where a series of peaceful protests have recently been held against the municipal government. The spark which ignited the protests in Israel was the city's insistence, backed by baton wielding police, that a large sign calling upon those who visit the ultra Orthodox neighborhoods, to dress modestly, be taken down.

    Spectators claimed that the state of Israel has been "a great tragedy for the Jewish people and all mankind." They repeatedly called for its "peaceful dismantling."

  • For background information of the Israeli Police persecution of religious Jews that is currently happening in Jerusalem, please visit: www.israelversusjudaism.org/oppression/index.cfm
  • For high resolution images suitable for print publication, please download this zip file. We authorize and welcome publication of these photos but ask that if they are published you provide us with a tear sheet or the URL where the photos can be viewed.
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