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Between the Headlines
Interview with Rabbi Aharon Cohen
8 Jan 2009 - London

Rabbi Aharon Cohen of Neturei Karta was interviewed on British Television to explain the position of Torah True Jews who are opposed to the existence of the Zionist state of 'Israel'. The video is shown below in 3 parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:
Part 3:

A speech by Senior Rabbi Moshe Dov Beck, at a demonstration on November 8, 2009, outside the Holiday inn hotel, while the Israeli Nefesh B'nefesh convention was promoting for immigration to Israel.

With the help of the Almighty we came out here today to express our protest against the Zionist Convention that takes place here in this hotel.

Our protest is actually in general against the entire philosophy of Zionism, not just the event today, but since Zionism came about, the Jewish nation with all leading Rabbis universally, had a strong opposition to the philosophy of Zionism: to organize the Jewish people and stand them up as a political nation, take up weapons, especially when the Zionist philosophy was brought into Palestine and kicked out the indigenous Palestinian population into exile with cruelty, unjustly with theft, and occupied its land.

Since the beginning of Zionism, the Jewish nation had a strong war against this. We don't practice war by hands, but in spirit we are in the strongest terms of opposition to this entire idea, and to its implementing this in reality.

The Jewish nation considers Zionism as a tragedy. For the Jewish nation, it uproots the true belief in God; it uproots the Torah from Jews.

The Zionists are atheists. They have set up a fundamental concept that God and His Torah do not bind, but even just the idea of escaping the divine decree of exile, was also the greatest uprooting of Jewish faith. Naturally it's not the proper occasion now to explain this. But we say in general, that even just the philosophy of nationalism for Jews, is contrary to Jewish belief. Most certainly what was stolen from the Palestinian people is definitely against the Jewish Torah.

We have come here to express the pain and sorrow of Jews. We have come out, just this small group, in the time that inside this convention is also just a small group. We found this opportunity, just one of hundreds, to express the general sorrow and protest against the entire philosophy of Zionism.

We hope and pray that this whole issue of Zionism and the state of 'Israel' should be dismantled, as soon as possible. God should have mercy that it shouldn't cause any more suffering for anyone, and we hope in the near future for the revelation of God's glory throughout the universe, soon in our days. Amen.

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