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Protest Against the Prime Minister of the so-called state of "Israel", Benjamin Netanyahu
May 18, 2009
Washington, DC

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Washington, DC, May 18, 2009

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrated in front of the White House in Washington, DC during the visit of Benjamin Natanyahu, Prime Minister of the "State of Israel" with President Obama.

 The following statement was issued as a Press Release:

Orthodox Jews Protest Against Netanyahu and his State

May 20, 2009

On the occasion of Zionist leader Netanyahu's visit to Washington, anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews gathered on Monday, May 18 in front of the White House to express their disassociation from him, his state and all that it stands for. Holding signs and Palestinian flags, they showed the world that the crowd of pro-Zionist demonstrators, also present that day, did not represent the position of faithful Jews everywhere.

"We have come here to proclaim the true Jewish belief," explained Rabbi Boruch Fisch, who represents Neturei Karta International, an organization based in New York. "The Almighty sent the Jews into exile nearly two thousand years ago, and commanded them to remain scattered around the world, living submissively under the gentile nations. The Talmud says that He warned them not to force their way back into the Holy Land and not to wage wars against any nation. For most of the past two thousand years, Jews have indeed obeyed the Almighty's decree and kept to the terms of exile, through thick and thin.

"But recently the Zionist movement arose to change that. They did exactly what the Almighty warned us not to do. They waged a war and conquered the Holy Land, in the process killing thousands and expelling hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. Aside from arousing the Almighty's anger, they have brought the wrath of the Palestinians and the entire Arab and Muslim world upon the Jewish people.

"What pains us most is that this violation of the Almighty commands, murder and theft are being done in the name of the Jewish people, who want the exact opposite of all this. The Zionists call their state 'Israel,' but the world must know that they are not the true Jewish people. They have stolen the name and used it to commit their crimes.

"Today, when the leader of these heretics is here on a visit, true Jews, Jews who are faithful to the Creator and His Holy Torah, are here to tell the world that the Zionists' use of the name 'Israel' is completely false! The true Jewish people are those Jews who live with Torah and faith, do not try to redeem themselves, but trust only in G-d and His redemption. The true Jewish people condemns as a crime the entire concept of stealing the land from the Palestinians, as well as all the oppressive consequences this theft has had for the Palestinians over the years. And," he added in reference to the nearby pro-Zionist demonstrators, "it pains us that there are many Jews, even some religious ones, who fail to understand this."

What do anti-Zionist Jews see as the solution to the Middle East conflict? Rabbi Fisch answered that question clearly: "Faithful Jews look forward to the day when the Zionist state will be dismantled peacefully, to be replaced by a Palestinian state in all of historic Palestine. The Torah teaches that a thief must give back what he has stolen. Jews in Palestine will live under the Palestinian government and peacefully accept their authority, just as we Jews in America live under the American government, and just as the Jews of Palestine lived under gentile governments in centuries past. We express this hope today by waving the Palestinian flag. Ultimately, we await the day of redemption, when G-d's glory will fill the earth." 

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