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Press Conference against NYS assemblyman Dov Heikind
Sept 27, 2011
NYC Hall, New York city NY

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Assemblyman Heikind, an Embarrassment to NY Orthodox Jewry

Press conference on the steps on City Hall in NYC, Tuesday, September 27, 2011, at 3:15pm.

Jews view the right to vote in America as a great privilege and a heavy responsibility, for it is up to voters to pick the candidate who will improve American society and do what s best for America. Jews certainly do not vote for the most pro-Israel candidate; that would be putting a foreign agenda before our own country, violating the principle expressed in the words of Jeremiah (29:7),  Seek out the peace of the city to which I have exiled you.

Prior to the special election in New York s Ninth District, over 50 Orthodox rabbis signed a public call to the Jewish community not to vote for the Democratic candidate because of his rebellion against the Almighty by advocating gay rights.

The Jews listened to their rabbis, and thus a Republican candidate won in a district that has voted Democratic for almost a century. Jews made a loud and clear statement of protest against New York State s recent redefinition of marriage law, and hope that politicians everywhere will take the cue and work to make our society more moral. Nothing could be clearer - except to Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Hikind was elected to represent his district, which contains a large population of Orthodox Jews. But as a Zionist extremist, he cannot resist pushing his ideology from time to time and reinterpreting the facts to suit his purpose. So last week, after President Obama s strongly pro-Israel speech at the UN, Hikind claimed that the speech  indicated that he [Obama] read the results of the special election in the 9th Congressional District.
Clearly, the election had an effect.  Hikind went a step further and claimed that the elections results were to his credit, because he had encouraged Jews to vote Republican in order to send a message to Obama that he was not sufficiently pro-Israel.

Hikind has a long history of speaking disrespectfully about the President and antagonizing the Palestinians. There are unfortunately many Zionists, but as a high-profile American politician in a heavily Jewish district, he is endangering all Jews by making it seem as though they agree with his views.

Hikind does not want to see the Palestinians gain statehood even in a small part of their historic land. This is in stark contrast to Torah Judaism, which advocates not the two state solution currently under discussion in the UN, but the complete dismantlement of the State of Israel, to be replaced by a Palestinian state.

To publicize their protest against Hikind, Orthodox Jewish groups will hold a press conference on the steps of City Hall. They will proclaim that Hikind s extreme pro-Israel stance does not represent his constituents, and that although Hikind gives the impression that he is an Orthodox Jew, his views are certainly not Orthodox.


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