NYCBoston to protest Zionist Violence, intimidation and collaboration during the holocaust." />
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Protest of Zionist Activities during
holocaust commemoration

New York City, NY
April 7, 2013

On Sunday morning, April 7, 2013, Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrated during the annual holocaust commemoration to protest the actions of the Zionists who collaborated with the Nazis and those continue their regime of intimidation and violence to the present day.

The Traditional Jewish View on "Holocaust Memorial Day"

Today is the day chosen by the Zionists to remember the events of the Holocaust and the six million Jews killed at that time. Remembering the Holocaust victims is indeed very important to us; many of them were our parents, grandparents, relatives and religious leaders. However, we object to the Zionists' use of the memory of the Holocaust to further their agenda.

The lesson of the Holocaust, they claim, is that Jews can only be safe if they have their own state. Their slogan is, "Never again! If we do not protect ourselves, who will protect us?"

This is a fundamentally heretical idea. One of the basic principles of Judaism is that there is a G-d who runs the world according to the principles of justice, reward and punishment. Accordingly, a Jew cannot believe that the Holocaust was a tragic accident that resulted from Jews' inability to fight for themselves. Rather, it was an act of Divine wrath, a punishment for our sins. Of course, this does not mean that the Nazis were innocent tools in the hand of G-d. They acted with free will and they will certainly be punished by G-d for every drop of blood they shed.

Furthermore, the idea of founding our own state runs against the Jewish belief that we are in exile by Divine decree due to our sins. As we say in our prayers, "Because of our sins we were exiled from our land and distanced from our soil." We must accept this Divine decree lovingly, knowing that it is for our benefit. G-d made us swear never to arise from exile on our own, and He promised (to) [that He will] redeem us without any human intervention.

Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, chief rabbi of Jerusalem in the 1920s, once compared the Jewish people in exile to a hospitalized patient on the road to recovery. Just as it would be foolish to leave the hospital while still sick, so too we must not leave exile on our own.

Our exile will end only when G-d brings the final redemption, and all nations join together to serve G-d in peace and harmony.

Furthermore, murder and land theft such as the State of Israel has committed against the Palestinians are never justified by the Torah, and are wrong by any standards of human morality. And it is certainly wrong to use the Holocaust as an excuse to oppress the Palestinian people, who had no part in the Holocaust.

Therefore, the suffering endured by Jews during the Holocaust is no excuse to rebel against G-d's decree, steal another people's land and found a state. Such crimes can only lead to further Divine punishment, G-d forbid.

"As a Holocaust survivor whose mother and relatives were murdered by the Nazis, I feel especially pained that these sufferings are being abused to support a rebellion against the Almighty and atrocities against innocent Palestinians," said Rabbi Moshe Dov Beck, senior rabbi of Neturei Karta International.

On top of all of the above, it is ironic that the Zionists today use the Holocaust to evoke sympathy for their state, when in fact, while the Holocaust was happening, there were many cases when Zionists actually blocked efforts to rescue Jews in order to further their agenda, and in some cases even collaborated with the Nazis. This is documented in many sources, such as the book Holocaust Victims Accuse. It should therefore be clear that their memorializing the Holocaust is the height of hypocrisy.

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