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Protest against Zionist Brutality
New York City

August 21, 2013


Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews protest Zionist Brutality at Beis Shemesh

On Wednesday, August 21, at 1 PM, Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrated in front of the Israeli consulate 800 Second Avenue, NYC to protest current Zionist brutality against religious Jews in the Holy Land.

More on the brutality at Beis Shemesh......

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Rabbi Alter Moshe Goldberger.

"For the sake of Zion we will not be silent and for the sake of Jerusalem we will not be still." (Isaiah 62:1) My friends, we have come out here to cry out in front of the nations of the world, to publicize the terrible murders that are going on in the so-called Jewish state, in the Zionist state, in the state of anti-religious coercion.


Their entire purpose was always to uproot the Jewish faith, to lead Jews away from Judaism, and now they are about to do it.


"They have given the bodies of Your servants as food to the birds of the sky, the flesh of Your pious ones to the animals of the earth. They poured out their blood like water around Jerusalem, and there was no one to bury them." (Psalms 79:2-3) Gevalt!


The Jews who come out to protest for the sake of the holy Creator, to defend the holy bones of our fathers and rabbis, are beaten and thrown into the Zionist jails.


For them, the Zionists, the worst sin is to deny the Holocaust. The irony of it is that we know, we heard many times from the Satmar Rebbe, and many books have been published documenting that the Zionists prevented the rescue of Jews from the Holocaust! Gevalt!

You Zionists, you are partners in the Holocaust.

 During the Holocaust, the world didn't know that every day they were deporting 10,000 Jews to the crematoria to burn them. Who did know? The Zionists knew about it. They followed the news, but they denied it. At that time they denied the Holocaust! While it was happening! And they didn't tell the world.



Now they have made a Jewish state. They came to the nations of the world and said they need a state so that no one should wipe them out. We must know, the whole world must know, that as long as this Zionist state has been in existence, 25,000 Jews have been killed.
Help גיוו�לד -

We want to announce, and we ask President Obama, and all presidents of the world: don't send military aid to the unkosher state, because by doing so you are killing people. They use the weapons you send them to make a holocaust against the Arab people, and they also make a holocaust against the Jewish people, against religious Jews.
Help גיוו�לד -

(With the money you send them,) With every dollar you send them,  they anger G-d, and they anger the Jewish people.

Gevalt! Gevalt!

We learned from our holy Rebbe and from all righteous rabbis of the past generation that the State of Israel is holding back the coming of the messiah. The messiah can't come as long as it's here. The state has to be dismantled first.

We tell the whole world that there will be no peace in the Middle East as long as the state exists, until they give up the entire state, give it back to the ones they stole it from.


We are not allowed to have any state nowadays, we are not allowed to have our own country. It is a transgression of the Three Oaths. And they transgress the entire Torah there. Their whole goal is to uproot the Torah, to lead the Jewish people away from Judaism. And we ask President Obama and all nations of the world to take away the state from the wicked Zionists, the sinners, the heretics, may their names be obliterated. And the nations of the world should return it to its righteous owners. And then we will be privileged to see the fulfillment of the prayer, "May all evil vanish like smoke, when you remove the evil government from the world," and the glory of G-d is revealed, soon in our days, amen.

Anti-Zionist Jews to Protest Israeli Brutality

PR Newswire

NEW YORK, Aug. 20, 2013

NEW YORK, Aug. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On Wednesday, August 21, at 1 PM, Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, organized by Neturei Karta International, will demonstrate in front of the Israeli consulate at 800 Second Avenue, NYC to protest current Zionist brutality against religious Jews in the Holy Land.

Anti-Zionist Jews in the Holy Land have held a series of protests against the construction of a housing project over an ancient cemetery in Beis Shemesh, a city near Jerusalem. The protests have come to a tragic and bloody ending.

Bulldozers are now destroying the entire cemetery. As of today, 327 ancient burial caves have been desecrated. Such disrespect for a cemetery would not be tolerated by any other nation.

Protests began on August 12 with 3000 Jews in attendance. When three bulldozers arrived, the protestors threw themselves on the burial caves, kissed the soil and refused to move. Of course, none of the protestors were armed.

Riot police attacked the protestors, beating them mercilessly. Many had to be treated for their wounds. 29 people were arrested.

On Aug. 14, a protest was led by Rabbi Reuven Merzbach, a leader of Neturei Karta of Jerusalem. A lawyer was present to record any human rights violation. When the tractors left, Rabbi Merzbach's son entered the site to survey the damage. Suddenly, a security guard arrived riding on a four-wheeled off-road vehicle and ran him over twice. He is now critically injured and hospitalized.

Aug. 15, more bulldozers arrived, hundreds of protestors were there, and over 20 were arrested. 

For decades, Jews have protested the existence of the State of Israel and its many violations of Jewish law. The Torah forbids a sovereign state for Jews in exile. Furthermore, Jews are forbidden to fight or oppress any nations.

Judaism teaches that the soul is eternal and we must respect it. The Zionists' disrespect for graves and their murderous treatment of those who stand up for their preservation reveals how estranged they are from Judaism and the Jewish people. Just as they deny the Jewish belief in exile, so too they deny the eternality of the soul. Digging up graves shows a lack of fear of the Almighty, immorality and insensitivity to the human race.

For the full story with photos and video, visit: http://israelversusjudaism.org/beis_shemesh13.cfm

For the banner visit: http://t.co/ci3fUoAUz2


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