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Rabbis Protesting Jewish National Fund
Denver, Colorado
October 25, 2013


Rabbis Protesting Jewish National Fund in Denver

On the weekend of October 27, 2013, the Jewish National Fund, an organization that funds Israeli land development, held its annual national conference in Denver, Colorado.

For three days in a row, Local activists gathered in front of the downtown Grand Hyatt hotel in an effort to raise awareness of the war crimes committed by the State of Israel against the Palestinian people and in particular the expansion of Israeli settlements funded by the Jewish National Fund.

Protesters displayed cardboard trees reading: "JNF is hiding war crimes under trees".

A group of anti-Zionist Jewish Rabbis from Neturei Karta International, a global organization of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, also attended the rallies.

These religious Jews, representing many Jewish communities worldwide, voiced the traditional Jewish opposition to the philosophy of Zionism, the existence of the State of Israel and all actions that emanate from it.

When a coach bus arrived bringing participants to the conference, they were greeted with strong opposition by the protesters.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, the spokesman for the Jewish participants in the protest, explained the crimes that the State of Israel is committing against the Palestinian people and how morally wrong all their actions are, in contrast to Jewish values and ethics.

Rabbi Weiss continued to explain the deep-rooted heresy in the philosophy of Zionism, which is a rebellion against the Almighty and His Torah.

The Rabbi then elaborated on the founding of Zionism as a secular and atheistic movement, with plans to transform Judaism from a religion to nationalism, and how to this day the Zionists continue to play on people's emotions so that they should support their movement and justify their actions.

The Rabbi went on to describe how the Jewish people as well are oppressed by the Zionist regime.

Rabbi Weiss discouraged the people of Colorado from supporting the Jewish National Fund, stating that by doing so, one is supporting a rebellion against the Almighty, a tragedy for the Palestinian people and a danger to Jews.

In conclusion the Rabbi urged Jewish people to join the anti-Zionist movement and help the suffering people of Palestine. 

During the three days of demonstrations, protesters engaged in conversations with passers-by and participants in the JNF conference, explaining and uncovering the evils of the State of Israel and the wrongs of supporting the JNF.


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