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Rally of Solidarity with Gaza

august 9, 2014 - New York City

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Due to the Jewish religious restriction of the Sabbath [Saturday] the rabbi couldn't speak in the microphone, but a respected non-Jewish friend Thomas Cox read a written text that was prepared by senior Rabbi Moshe Dov Beck 


Speech prepared by Senior Rabbi Moshe Dov Beck of Neturei Karta International, a holocaust survivor residing in New York, for the World Stands With Gaza rally!, to be held I New York City, on August 9, 2014

With the help of the Almighty,

We have come here to share in the pain of the Palestinian people, and together with them to cry out their anguish.

We feel the loss of the two thousand men, women and children, civilians, who have been killed. We feel the suffering of the thousands of wounded, and countless families who have been stranded without a roof over their heads, by the Zionist forces.

We have come to show solidarity with the decades-old outcry of the Palestinian people, who were robbed of their homeland by the Zionist occupation, robbed of their homes, property and fields.

We are in solidarity with the ongoing outcry of the Palestinian people, who justly demand back their rights. They want back what was once theirs, and was taken from them through robbery, injustice and murder.

They demand that the world powers recognize truth and justice.

The world must recognize that Zionism is injustice, theft and murder from the very beginning, when they settled in Palestine with the goal of ruling over it.

True Jews around the world proclaim that the idea of Zionism from the beginning is heresy against the foundations of their faith. It is against the Torah, because according to the Torah, Jews must stay in exile, scattered around the world, and may not organize themselves and build up their own country, until the Almighty Himself - without any human action gathers us together with great wonders.

At that time, the Almighty will renew the mindset of the entire world, so that all people in the world will recognize Him and serve Him together peacefully, with a united heart. As Jews say in their prayers on the High Holiday, the Jewish New Year, "And the whole world will all become one united group to do Your will wholeheartedly."

Jews believe in this with their whole hearts, and await this day. And that is why Jews choose to stay in exile, scattered around the world, in accordance with the Almighty's command. The Zionist philosophy, which teaches the Jewish people to organize themselves as a nation, is a falsification of our faith.

And therefore, we Jews around the world proclaim that we have no connection with the Zionists or the Zionist state, or with their actions. Their actions are nothing but robbery, murder and cruelty. The name "Israel" that they use is false. They have decided on their own to use that name - unjustly. They are not Israel and they have no right to speak in the name of Jews. Their state in not a Jewish state, but a Zionist state, and as much as the Zionists try to bolster their lies, the truth will run after them and call out, "You are false!"

The Zionist idea is not more than 150 years old, and it has brought only trouble to the world - for Palestinians, Jews and other nations.

Before Zionism, Jews and Palestinians lived in peace and tranquility, next door to each other, with respect and friendship. It was that way for hundreds of years. When Zionism came to Palestine, they settled on top of the Palestinians with the goal of ruling over the land. They began to show their power, and that's when the troubles and bloodshed began.

When Zionism was founded, the greatest rabbis opposed it and waged a battle against the new movement. And they warned that only trouble would result from it. History has proven them correct. And with their actions, the Zionists fan the flames of anti-Semitism in the entire world, to this day.

True Jews around the world will keep praying for the end of Zionism, which we hope will take place peacefully. And may we soon be privileged to see the revelation of the Almighty's glory, amen.

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