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Quds Day Rallies ARound the World

Dallas, Texas July 10, 2015

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Participate in Al-Quds Day Rallies in Many Major Cities

On July 10, 2015, rallies were held in many major cities worldwide to commemorate the International Al-Quds Day. This day is designated by many Muslim communities as a day of remembering Quds (Jerusalem), the entire Palestine, and the catastrophe and calamity that was brought upon them with the creation of the State of Israel.


Rallys were held in these cities:


Speech by Rabbi Amram Lieberman of Neturei Karta International at the International Al-Quds Day Rally, Jul. 10, 2015, in Dallas, Texas

May the Almighty bless all those gathered here today. Blessed are those who come in the name of the Almighty.

We have come here to join the esteemed people who have gathered here to express their pain over the injustice of the Zionist occupation in Al Quds, and to condemn the occupation as a crime and a deception.

We must stress that the crimes of the Zionist occupation are not just in Al Quds. The entire Zionist occupation, in which they settled the land of Palestine when it was already settled by the Palestinian people, with the plan to take over the land and expel the Palestinians from it – is a crime that cries out to the heavens. It is murder! It is stealing! It is cruelty! And it cannot be justified.

The Zionists have no right to rule over one footstep in any part of Palestine.

The two-state solution that many countries in the world wish to see does not solve the problem; it does not correct the historic wrong that was done. If someone steals from another, and this leads to a fight between them, a long and bloody fight, and the thief remains strong, but agrees to a compromise just to bring an end to the conflict, and gives the victim back a piece of what he stole, the remaining stolen property is still stolen property, and the thief is still a thief.

The Zionist slogan that "Palestine was a land without a people" is a lie. True Jews around the world, including the Jews of Palestine, share in the pain of the Palestinians, and join with them in asking the leaders of the world to find a just solution to this problem.

Jews understand the outcry of the Palestinian people, who were robbed of their homeland, of their houses, their property and their fields. The Palestinians simply want back what was originally theirs. They want back their rights, which were unjustly taken from them through robbery and murder.

Let the world recognize that the Zionist occupation of Palestine is unjust and it is robbery from the very beginning.

We would like to take this opportunity to bring out the true thoughts and positions of authentic Jews around the world, on the subject of Palestine.

Thousands of years ago, the Almighty took us out of Egypt with great miracles that shook up the world, and He gave us the Torah through Moses on Mount Sinai. He then led the Jews into the Holy Land with great miracles, not with human power, as is written clearly in the Torah, in the Book of Joshua and in Psalm 44. And He warned in the Torah and through the prophets that if we would sin, He would expel us from the Holy Land.

We sinned, and the Almighty did expel us from the Holy Land. He commanded us to go into exile, under the domain of the other nations. And the Almighty warned us through the Prophet Jeremiah (29:7) to be loyal to the governments under which we live, and to pray for their wellbeing. And this law is written in the Code of Jewish Law (Yoreh Deah 254), that we should be peaceful with our neighbors, help them when necessary, and greet each one.

The Talmud at the end of Tractate Kesubos quotes the verses of the Song of Songs which teach that the Jewish people must not organize themselves to leave exile, that they must not revolt against the nations, and that they must not go back to the Holy Land with strength.

The Almighty promised in the Torah that He Himself, without any human intervention, only He Himself, will gather us together in a miraculous way. The miracles then will be much greater than those that took place at the Exodus from Egypt. It will not be a human-initiated, natural development, accompanied by organized military force. Rather, the Almighty will reveal His glory and holiness, the whole world will recognize it; He will change the world and change people's thoughts, respect and fear of Him will fall upon everyone, and everyone will join in worshipping Him. This is the redemption we envision in our High Holiday prayers, and this is described in the words of the Torah and prophets. That is the Jewish belief. Jews have always held and will always hold this belief with all their hearts, and they are waiting for it. That is why Jews have always lived scattered around the world, to fulfill the Almighty's command to live in exile.

The Jewish people today has behind it a history of thousands of years. During all that time they were led by hundreds of thousands of rabbis over the generations – rabbis who were giants of Torah, wisdom, fear and service of the Almighty. The Jewish people also has thousands of holy books written over all these generations. And many of these books speak about the prohibition to arise on our own from exile, but rather to wait for the true redemption.

Furthermore, the Jewish people went through 2000 years of exile, encompassing different periods – some better and some worse. At times, Jews were killed and rivers of blood were spilled, in order to maintain their faith and Torah that they received by tradition. In all those generations, it never occurred to any Jew to solve the "problem of exile" by organizing the people and arising – because that was against our faith and Torah.

The Zionist idea of freeing ourselves from exile was born not more than 150 years ago. It is a new idea, against our faith and Torah, and it was conceived of by non-believers.

When the new idea was born, all the greatest rabbis from one end of the world to the other waged a battle against it. And during the Second World War, from the years 1938 to 1948, the Jews suffered terribly, and those few who survived were left impoverished, orphaned and broken. Some of those survivors became convinced that the Zionist idea might help them, so they supported it. But by this time, the Jewish people is become more and more aware that Zionism is a false salvation and a heretical movement, and it has no solutions to the dangers facing Jews. When Zionism was founded, the Rabbis of the past generation warned that Zionism would lead only to trouble and bloodshed, and today we can all bear witness that they saw correctly. Zionism and its state is a problem for the world and especially for the Palestinians, but most of all it is problem for the Jewish people, because the Zionists present themselves to the world as the leaders and the guardians of the Jewish people, and they carry the name "Israel". Thus everything they do is blamed on the entire Jewish people. And they take away the true Jewish faith from Jews. With their cruel actions, they increase anti-Semitism in the world. It is a terrible desecration of G-d's name when Jews do such things. It is also a desecration of G-d's name when it appears that the Jewish people have thrown away their old faith in His redemption and instead believe in a natural, human-initiated solution.

Therefore, we proclaim to the world that the idea of Zionism and the Zionist state have no connection with the Jewish people. They are falsely using the name "Israel". It is not a Jewish state, only a Zionist state.

The Jewish people has no connection with the crimes the Zionists commit. We are embarrassed that such crimes are committed under the name "Israel".

We look forward and pray for the day when the Zionist movement and the Zionist state will come to an end in a peaceful way, and may we be privileged to see the revelation of the Almighty's glory, when all of mankind will serve Him in peace.



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