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Boro Park, brooklyn, NY MASS PROTEST AGAINST
"israeli" MILITARY SERVICE FOR orthodox jews
october 31, 2004

Sunday evening, October 31, 2004, a demonstration which drew a crowd of thousands was held in Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY to condemn the recent decision by Rabbi Steinman allowing certain Orthodox Yeshiva Students to serve in a division of the Israeli Army. The protest was organized to coincide with his recent visit from “Israel”. This ruling has inflamed passions across the Orthodox Jewish spectrum generating harsh criticism that has attacked the decision’s complete contradiction to fundamental Torah law.

Contrary to the perception of many non-Jews and even many secular and semi-practicing Jews, the State of “Israel” and the Zionist movement are actually considered the antithesis of Jewish beliefs. Proponents of Zionism have been engaged in a long futile struggle to find ways to legitimize their beliefs to traditional Judaism since the movement was first conceived at the end of the19th century. Zionism is regarded within traditional Orthodox Jewry as being completely contrary to the Torah and to how it has been practiced for thousands of years.

A similar demonstration was held in Monsey, NY on October 24, 2004. Click for details on that protest.

Orthodox leaders involved with the protest have stated emphatically that Jews have an obligation to speak out against this matter as well as Zionism in general.

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