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Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Demonstrate at
the "Jewish" National Fund Raising Event
January 15, 2006 London, UK

On January 14, 2006, anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews joined with other national organizations to demonstrate their opposition to the Zionist organization, the "Jewish" National Fund outside the Park Lane Hotel in the City of London, England, where the JNF was holding a fund raiser. Read the tract on this subject:

Should we support the "Jewish" National Fund??

Why did all the Torah Sages of Judaism oppose the various agendas of the Zionist State, its existence and Zionism in general?

When you donate to the JNF, you are supporting the Zionist State, and by so doing you help to sustain and to perpetuate a fundamental evil. The mere existence of the Zionist State is a heresy, a rebellion against the Almighty and His Attributes of compassion.

This Zionist entity, that prefers to be identified as the "Jewish" State, is a direct rebellion against the Almight, who has expressly forbidden us, the Jewish people, from ending His decreed exile, by creating our own State. This fact is regardless of whether the selected country for making such a State is populated or desolate, and regardless of whether it is or it becomes the will of the indigenous people to help the Jews to form their State, or whether the State is forced upon such indigenous people.

This Zionist entity has compounded its rebellion against the Almighty immeasurably, by creating and developing its State by means of the use of a land inhabited by a people, and by clearly acting against the will of such people – the Palestinian people. The homes and the properties of the Palestinian people have been confiscated, their olive trees uprooted and untold thousands have been expelled, jailed, etc., and their sufferings continue unabated until the present day.

This state of affairs is not entirely surprising seeing that the fathers and developers of this Zionist State (Theodore Herzl and his cohorts) were people far removed and estranged from the Almighty and His Torah. Their virulent animosity to the practitioners of the Jewish religion is legendary. The suffering of the Jewish religious communities living under the control of the Zionist State, up until the present day, rivals the oppression of their cousins, the Muslim and Christian Arabs.

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