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Rabbis Welcome President Rouhani to New York


September 23, 2013

To His Excellency

Mr. Hassan Rouhani 

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

A Saloom Alekoom

May the Almighty bestow upon Your Excellency His infinite blessings.

With the help of the Almighty and with great pleasure, on behalf of Torah True Jewry throughout the United States, we welcome Your Excellency and extend our warmest greetings upon your arrival to New York City for the 68th United Nation's General Assembly. 

Judaism dictates and infuses in the Jewish people the requirement and will to strive to live peacefully as Jews with all other nations. Likewise we are to pray for peace amongst all nations throughout the world. Part of this holy requirement and Jewish tradition is to display proper respect for world leaders. 

So much more so, the Torah requires of us, the Jewish people, to show gratitude and respect to nations and individuals that have done good and kindness to us. Most certainly we are to show thankfulness and appreciation to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its leaders. 

Iran, as is well known, is the home of tens of thousands of Jews and has been so for many centuries. Iran is a country where Jews are and have been respected and protected with graciousness and warmth. The Islamic Republic of Iran, since the day of its establishment, has instituted a Jewish representative in the parliament, out of concern for the well-being of its Jewish citizens. It is no wonder that the Islamic Republic of Iran has one of the largest Jewish communities in the world. The Islamic Republic Iran is a friend of the Jewish people.

Your Excellency, Mr. President, your history attests to your kindness, honesty and friendship to all, including us, the Jewish people. Since your ascendancy to president, as a world leader, you have already at numerous occasions extended your hand in friendship to the Jewish people around the world. 

Certainly the Torah requires of us to reciprocate and show gratefulness to Your Excellency and to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Alas, with great sorrow it has come to our attention, that certain organizations, claiming to represent the "Jewish opinion", have failed to seize the opportunity of personally welcoming Your Excellency during your stay here in New York City.

Your Excellency may be assured that these organizations do not speak in the name of our religion or voice the view and feelings of Jewish people true to our religion. This lack of respect displayed, is the result of these organizations association to Zionism, a movement with a history of creating animosity, upheaval and ultimately bloodshed. Zionism has unfortunately corrupted the minds and hearts of many. It has brought its adherers to lack in humility, gratefulness and proper respect to nations, world leaders and friends. 

Your Excellency, Mr. President, we are extremely grateful to you for extending a hand of friendship to world Jewry. We in turn extend our warmest greetings to Your Excellency. 


May the Almighty help, that Your Excellency's visit to the United States be enjoyable and successful. 

With humble blessings, 

Rabbi Moshe Dov Beck, 
(Holocaust survivor)

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, 
(Son of Holocaust survivor)

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