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Meetings with dignitaries

Representatives of Neturei Karta frequently meet with dignitaries from around the world to discuss our position and to develop a dialog of understanding. For further details and information, select an event from the list below:

01/01/20 Various Visits with Palestinian Dignitaries Develop dialog of understanding 
09/02/15 NYC Iranian leader meets Jewish Rabbis in NYC  
12/07/14 Jericho, Palestine Rabbis Visit Mayor of Jericho  
02/04/13 Washington, DC Letter to US Senators on Chuck Hegel nomination for Defense Secretary  
11/29/12 UN Bldg, NYC UN Meeting on issue of Palestinian Statehood  
09/27/12 NYC Pres of Iran meets with Anti-Zionist Rabbis  
04/18/12 Umm al-Fahm, Palestine Ceremony for Sheikh Raed Salah  
02/01/11 Doha, Qatar Meeting with Shiek Yousef Al-Qaradawi  
06/04/10 Washington, DC Peace Delegation Meets with Turkish Embassy Officials  
05/01/08 Doha, Qatar Rabbis meet with Shiekh Qaradawi Call for the peaceful dismantling of Israel 
09/24/07 NYC, NY Meeting with Iranian President Ahmadinejad  
09/21/06 New York City, NY Meeting with Iranian President Ahmadinejad  
03/21/06 Ramallah, West Bank Meeting with Palestinian Leaders, Ramallah  
03/01/06 Tehran, Iran Second Historic Mission to Iran  
05/27/05 Washington, DC Anti-Zionist Orthodox Rabbis present Plaque to new Palestinian President M Abbas  
07/15/04 London, UK Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qardawi Orthodox Rabbis in the UK show their support of Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qardawi 
12/17/01 Ramallah Yasser Arafat meets with Neturei Karta Demonstrate our support of the Palestinian people. 
04/29/01 East Jerusalem, Israel Orient House Meeting of Palestinians and NKI 
04/29/01 East Jerusalem, Israel Declaration of Loyalty Statement of Loyalty to the Jewish Faith 
04/29/01 East Jerusalem, Israel NY Rabbis Support Orient House Delegation NY Rabbis issue statement of support for Orient House Delegation 
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