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Neturei Karta Condemns Israeli Attack on Flotilla

Around the world concerned citizens protested the Israeli Attack.

Press Release issued May 31, 2010:

Viva Palestina Convoy
Members of Neturei Karta join Viva Palestina aid
convoy to Gaza in July 2009, they donated a truck of medical aid

"Authentic Orthodox Jewry worldwide decries unequivocally the cold-blooded slaughter carried out by the Zionist occupational forces against innocent, peaceful and freedom-loving noble activists committed to peace and human rights," said Rabbi Dovid Feldman of Neturei Karta International. "This brutal attack took place in international waters on ships bearing humanitarian aid for our brethren, the Palestinian residents in the besieged Gaza Strip. It was an explicitly illegal act which breaches, in a serious manner, basic G-dly human rights, justice and law.

"This kind of behavior is, unfortunately, only to be expected from the Zionists," he continued. "Their state's entire existence was built from the very start on Heresy, robbery and murder. They oppressed, murdered and expelled an entire people from its land.

Freedom March
Rabbis of Neturei Karta participate in the Gaza Freedom
March in Gaza City, on December 27, 2009

"All of this pains us especially because it was done in the name of the entire Jewish people and in the name of the Jewish religion. The truth is that the Torah totally opposes everything they do. The Torah teaches us mercy, the Torah forbids murder, and the Torah forbids stealing. According to the Torah, the entire land from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea must be returned to the Palestinian people." "Jews are in exile by Divine decree, and any attempts at ending this Almighty's decree is a rebellion against G-d. The Torah teaches that a rebellion against G-d cannot be successful.

"We find it imperative to clearly declare that the State of "Israel" does not represent the Jewish people, and certainly not the Jewish religion. They have no right to speak in our name, nor in the name of the holy Torah. They profane the Holy Land with their abominations, slaughters and countless other actions that emanate from this illegitimate State. Furthermore, the actual existence of this State is illegitimate as the holy Torah strictly and explicitly forbids any Jewish rule over the Holy Land. When the Zionist movement arose a century ago, our rabbis all warned us not to have any connection with them.

"The Zionists with their perversion of Judaism have blackened the name of Jews and the Torah throughout the world. They are the worst enemies of G-d, of the Torah and of the true Jewish people who have always remained faithful to G-d in all circumstances. Subsequently, they are the greatest cause of exacerbating anti Semitism around the world.

"Jews throughout the centuries have always been on excellent terms with their Arab neighbors. The past centuries, during which Sephardic Jewry lived in thriving communities all over the Arab world, were a golden age between our peoples. Who brought this golden age to an end? Only political Zionism. Actually, even today there are some Arab and Muslim countries that still have Jewish communities living peacefully in their midst. And even the Palestinians (from both major parties) have declared that they have no problem with Jews living amongst them; they are only opposed to political Zionism.

"We express our profound condolences to the families of the murdered innocents, as well as our heartfelt wishes for speedy recoveries to all those wounded by the Zionist occupational forces. May Heaven send you complete and swift healing.

"We hope and we pray for a peaceful and speedy end to the Zionist state. Then Jews will be able to live peacefully in Palestine under a Palestinian government, just as they live under other Arab countries to this day.

"May we merit the fulfillment of the prophets' promise of the revelation of G-d's kingship over the entire world, at which time all peoples will serve Him in unity."

Neturei Karta International

Photo of the cargo vessel, Rachel Corrie
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