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Freedom or faith – not in "Israel"

Text of Talk delivered by Rabbi Pinchus Feldman at Protest
in Montreal on July 17, 2007

We have taken to the streets today, in order to protest against Zionism and the state which calls itself “Israel.”

We are here to voice our opposition and strongest condemnation, of what is being done in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people, to the Palestinian Arab people.

We are here to speak up and save our Jewish brethren, from the hands of the Zionists, who are attempting to eradicate their Jewish souls.

We are here to plead for the religious Jewish communities in the Holy Land, which the Zionists want to destroy entirely. Yes, the Zionist modus operanda, from day one, has been the physical oppression of the religious Jews, because of their stubborn refusal to except Zionism and their refusal to give up the Almighty and His Torah.

And specifically today we cry out at the recent indictment of Rabbi Turchin in Jerusalem ad the arrest of the five Rabbis of Bait Shemesh who are being held without bail.

People around the world constantly ask in bewilderment – But isn't "Israel" a Jewish State? Isn't Zionism and Judaism one and the same? – The true unambiguous answer is, NO! Judaism and Zionism are diametric opposites! Zionism is antithetical to Judaism!

Zionism’s goal, is to transform Judaism from a religion, a spirituality, a Godliness - into a materialism, a nationality, a godlessness in its essence.

Zionism denies the basic tenets of Judaism, by attempting to end the Jewish exile prematurely, by human intervention.  It advocates, that Jews should betray the nations under whom they live. In addition, Zionists have, in order to establish this illegitimate sovereignty over the Holy Land, which did not belong to them, persecuted the indigenous citizens, Palestinian Arabs and Jews, who had previously lived in peace together, for hundreds of years. They stole the land and homes of the Arabs and treated them as if they didn’t exist. This created a hatred that burns till this very day.

 This was all done under the name of "Israel", as if it was a continuation of the ancient identity of the Jewish people. In fact, they have arrogantly seized the name of “Israel”. It has nothing in truth to do with their vile deeds.

These last weeks, one more link has been added to the chain of sorrowful tragedies incurred by this State, since its dominance over the Holy Land has come into play.  This illegitimately established state has once again resorted to cruelty in order to control those who have fallen under its rule. Not just the Arabs, the non Jews, but the most religious of Jews are once more their prey.  They have tortured with murderous blows and subjected to baseless imprisonment, many Jews who desire nothing more than to observe the Holy Torah within their own camp.

In Beit Shemesh, a deeply religious, anti Zionist town, a sign hung, asking that women dress modestly when visiting their neighborhood. The sign was a plea that their god-faring camp, should not be polluted with immodest dress. The Zionist police came and tore down this sign, and with great cruelty, beat and imprisoned those who tried to stand in the way of this action.

In Jerusalem, an edict was issued from the occupiers of the Holy Land. No more will it be allowed, the printing and hanging of posters and dissemination of written material, without the O.K. of the occupiers. Only one printing press was given permission to print. Rabbi Turchin, was indicted in closed and secret testimony, for the simple crime of disobeying this internationally illegal law. The reason for this law, is glaringly obvious. It is the attempt to stifle and eradicate the voice of the righteous.

From the time of its inception till the present, Zionism’s goal is to deny Judaism and tear the ancient faith away from the masses of Jews, using murder and cruelty, the likes of which this has never been heard.
Zionism is an ideology that is rooted in the rebellion against the Almighty and His decree of the exile of the Jews, from the Holy Land. The vast majority of the Rabbis and religious leaders, universally, since the time of its inception, have opposed and denounced this ideology in the strongest and harshest of terms.

It is forbidden for Jews, according to the Jewish faith, to have a state and the holy sages have predicted that much suffering and bloodshed would be caused by its existance.
They stated that the uprooting of faith and Torah would be its result. Their words have been, tragically, completely fulfilled over the years.

Faithfull Jews, who have no relation to Zionism and their deeds, proclaim to all moral men around the world, that Judaism and Zionism are antithetical.
We wish to tell of our pain to the world!

Let the world hear of it!

May the nations intervene, to save those suffering under Zionism!

May we merit the speedy and peaceful dismantling of the state of “Israel” in our days.

Ultimately may we merit to see the revelation of the Almighty’s glory, when all mankind will, in brotherhood and harmony, sing the Almighty’s praise, in jubilation and joy. AMEN.

French Translation of Text

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