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Representatives of Neturei Karta travel the United States delivering speeches to a variety of groups and organizations.

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Rabbi Beck
11/16/14 McLean, VA Zionism and Judaism Weiss
03/06/14 Yonkers, NY Jews and the Muslim Brotherhood Weiss
01/27/14 Auschwitz Orthodox Jewish Attitude to the Holocaust Beck
01/27/14 Auschwitz Orthodox Jewish Attitude to the Holocaust Weiss
01/27/14 Auschwitz Orthodox Jewish Attitude to the Holocaust Feldman
05/23/13 New York City Jewish opposition to serve in the IDF Gottleib
08/17/12 New York Zionist atrocities and provocations, not in the Jewish name Glauber
08/17/12 New York Zionist atrocities and provocations, not in the Jewish name Glauber
03/29/12 Beirut, Lebanon Orthodox Jews Join the Global March to Jerusalem Feldman
02/26/12 Doha, Qatar Jerusalem and the Holy Land Hirsh
02/23/11 Dublin, Ireland Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism Cohen
11/22/10 Leicester, England Judaism: A Religion, Not A Nationalism Feldman
04/19/09 London Zionists do not represent the Jewish People Cohen
12/28/08 London, UK Judaism Condemns Zionist Atrocities in Gaza Hochhouser
12/27/08 NYC, NY Emergency Protest against Gaza Massacre Representative
07/17/07 Montreal, Que Canada Freedom or faith – not in 'Israel' Weiss
12/12/06 Tehran, Iran The Jews of Europe Feldman
12/11/06 Tehran, Iran Orthodox Jewish Position on the 'Holocaust' Cohen
02/25/05 Beirut, Lebanon Judaism vs. Zionism Cohen
08/14/04 London, UK Peace Cycle from London to Jerusalem Representative
06/26/04 Vienna, Austria Protest Naming of Theodor Herzl Plaza, Vienna Representative
05/14/04 NYC, NY Statement Issued on the Tragic Day of Al-Nakba 2004 Weiss
04/14/04 Washington, DC Arial Sharon does not represent world Jewry Weiss
03/30/04 London, UK Meeting on Crisis in the Middle East Representative
03/23/04 NYC, NY Orthodox Jews responding to the assassination of Sheikh Yassin Weiss
06/15/03 Boston, MA Zionism is the Root Problem Feldman
06/15/03 Boston, MA Zionism Is The Root Problem Feldman
05/17/03 London, England Statement by Neturei Karta UK on the tragic day of Al-Nakba Representative
03/03/03 England Jerusalem: Source of Conflict, Symbol of Peace Weiss
02/26/03 Birmingham, England Israel, Judaism and Zionism Cohen
07/28/02 Luton, UK Orthodox Jews Condemn Zionism Cohen
07/26/02 NYC Because we are Jews Weberman
07/26/02 New York City Because we are Jews Weberman
06/14/02 Washington, DC Notes Toward Rescuing Judaism from Zionism Weiss
04/20/02 Washington, DC March on Washington Against War and Racism Weiss
04/12/02 NYC Torah Jews Denounce Israeli State Feldman
03/14/02 Zionism and Judaism – Let Us Define Our Terms Weiss
03/14/02 Sionismo y judaísmo: definiendo la terminología Weiss
03/14/02 USAR Judaism and Zionism - Let Us Define Our Terms Beck
02/23/02 NYC How Many Lives? Weiss
02/07/02 Washington, DC Cry of the Jewish People - Holy Land in Turmoil Weiss
12/23/01 UK Judaism and Zionism - Audio Lecture Goldstein
12/22/01 Chicago, IL Pledge to Right the Wrongs of Zionism Feldman
12/11/01 Washington, DC Towards a Lasting Middle East Peace Weiss
08/29/01 Durban, S. Africa Judaism - An Alternative to Zionism Weiss
08/28/01 Durban, SA Judaism an Alternative to Zionism Weiss
06/01/01 NYC The Torah Demands Justice for the Palestinians Weiss
01/26/01 NYC Blasting the Big Lie Weiss
01/14/01 Long Island, NY The Difference Between Judaism and Zionism Weiss
10/28/00 Washington, DC The Arab People Are Not Enemies Representative
10/12/00 NYC The Torah's Ways Are Peace Weiss
10/03/00 NYC The End is Near - It Must Be Near Weiss
Jew and Arab Friendship in Historic Palestine Cohen

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