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Abort the straying from g-d
JANUARY 22, 2006

Monsey, New York:

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, spokesman for Neturei Karta International (Jews United Against Zionism), announced today that the group would be joining the 33rd annual March for Life on Monday January 23nd which will take place in Washington DC at 11 noon.

The Rabbi added, “It is extremely important that Jews show their support for this most noble cause. The destruction of hundreds of thousands of babies yearly under the cover of 'freedom of choice' is a black mark which all Americans must carry.”

“G-D in His teachings forbids abortions. It is considered the murder of a human life”.

“Abortion is yet another awful manifestation of the grave spiritual crisis in which America and the entire Western World now find themselves. When peoples turn their back on the Creator, the most ghastly of practices very often ensue.”

“Countless times throughout the Torah, we are admonished that if we stray from God’s teachings, there will be severe consequences, God forbid. Our Rabbis state that if God forbid, calamity strikes, we are obliged to study our deeds and actions in order to correct them where necessary, for these tragedies are a reminder from God to repent.”

“In these troubling times that have unfortunately befallen us, Following the catastrophes of the tsunami, Katrina and the horrific attack to the World Trade Center and its aftermath, the constant threat of terrorism, the ensuing war, the recession etc., we are most certainly obligated to study our deeds and our lifestyles, individually and as a nation.”

“‘Abortion rights’ is definitely one of the grave issues to be addressed and corrected immediately. We beseech our representatives and fellow Americans to rethink their stance on this issue”.

“By coming here today, we wish to let the world know that this 'right to life' cause is very dear to all believing Jews. Unfortunately some Jews, very estranged from their faith, have been in the forefront of movements which have led to the current moral crisis. We are here to make amends for their deeds.”

"The Torah commands us to sanctify the Creator's Great Name in public. This is why we have come. We understand that the battle will be a difficult one. Yet, with Divine assistance all things are possible. In the meantime the task of all good men is to protest and pray."

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