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Olmert Doesn’t Represent Jewry Says Orthodox Spokesman

Anti Zionist Jews to Protest Arrival of "Israeli" PM in Washington

Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews will join other protesters in Washington DC
TODAY, Monday November 13, 2006,
at the Lafayette Park in front of the White House, at 12 noon

November 13, Washington DC

“A Jew who denies, or does not adhere to, the Torah, whether willfully or due to ignorance, cannot speak in the name of the Jewish people. We are a nation by virtue of the Torah and our belief in it. There is no Jewish perspective that is not grounded in the Almighty and His revelation.”

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, a spokesman for Neturei Karta International, will take to the streets of Washington on Monday, leading a protest in order to proclaim the message that “Judaism and Zionism are inherently antithetical” and that Olmert, “as the representative of a state, whose very existence is forbidden by the Torah, is actually working against the best interests of the Jewish people and all mankind.”

“The existence of the State of Israel is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Torah which forbids the establishment of a Jewish state and commands Jews to remain in exile until released from that exile by G-d Himself, without any human intervention, at which time all Nations of the world will live together in peace.”

“Zionism is not only a denial of the Torah’s fundamental basics concerning exile and redemption, but seeks to create tensions with other nations. This is particularly obvious in Palestine where the Israeli government has stolen from the Palestinian people the most basic human dignity of self determination.”

“We decry, in the strongest of terms, the horrific Zionist atrocities which have just taken place in Bait Hanun, the ongoing oppression of Gaza, the subjugation of the Arab people in the West Bank and the entire Palestine. We will not forget what Olmert and his vigilantly State has perpetrated against Lebanon. The list goes endlessly on.”

“Orthodox Jews have opposed the ideology of Zionism since its inception and the State of “Israel” from the day of its ratification. The anti Zionist Jews sees itself as simply “continuing the Jewish people’s age old tradition of desiring to live humbly and in peace with all nations, in loyalty to the duly constituted gentile authorities, as is required by the Torah.” They are frequently seen around the world protesting against the actions and the very existence of the state of “Israel”.

Rabbi Weiss added that “we hope and pray that President Bush will withstand the incessant demands of the Israeli regime for more American support in their subjugation of the Palestinians and in seeking confrontations with many segments of the Islamic world, especially Iran.”

“There is no doubt that real peace in the Middle East will remain an illusory goal for so long as the Israeli state continues to exist. The only true solution which offers obedience to Torah ideals and justice and kindness for all, is the peaceful transference of power over the Holy Land from the Zionists to the long suffering Palestinian nation.”

Rabbi Weiss concluded by saying “may we merit to see the day, soon in our times, when all humanity will serve the Almighty in brotherhood and harmony. AMEN.


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