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Let’s Talk – Not Vent

Let’s Talk – Not Vent
To the children of Avrohom, Yitzchock and Yakov, a people who has stood on Mount Sinai.

 We take this opportunity to welcome you to Monsey. We understand that you have gathered here today, to vent your anger at the recent trip of a Neturei Karta delegation to Tehran. We understand further why you feel this trip was wrong and capable of creating great harm. You are thus among those Jews who value the safety of the Jewish people. You are here because of a sense of ahavas Yisroel.

Therefore, we ask that you to pause for a moment to consider the following. We live here in Monsey and know the members of this delegation quite well. They are men of extraordinary kindness (chesed) towards one and all. If any of you assembled here today would need help of any sort they’d be the first to offer it. Why then did the go on this trip, which so many think is bad for the Jewish people?

The answer, friends, is, very simply stated, that they felt, as do many in the Jewish community, that the trip was a good thing for the Jewish people. They felt and feel that a primary source of anti - Semitism in the world today is Zionism. They feel that it has poisoned the way we are viewed in the Islamic world. They hope, that by speaking directly to the very people who might be inclined to anti - Jewish feelings, by listening to them and telling them that Zionism is not the desire of many Jews, this will lessen anti - Jewish feelings around the world.

You may reject this belief but it is motivated by care for Jews and all people, not G-d forbid, the reverse.

You may wonder about doing this at conference which featured Holocaust “revisionists.” You may think that their being there lent credibility to the deniers’ arguments. In point of fact, all the Rabbis who spoke at the conference affirmed the Holocaust and one of the Rabbis actually said that he was there to tell the story of his own relatives who were killed in the Holocaust; to give, their now silenced, testimony.

One may say that this participation was wrong. But it was motivated by a desire to tell the truth about the Holocaust precisely where it was being doubted.

You may disagree. You may think that Zionism has been good for the Jewish people. But once again it is worth asking the following – How many Jews have been killed because of the state of Israel and how many Jews have suffered because of this trip to Iran?

It is always good to think out of the box. Truth is not the monopoly of those who dominate public discussion.

We have before us two paths as Jews in the world. - The traditional Torah path, to be subservient and to placate, which was dictated to us throughout the two thousand years of exile. - Or the new Zionist approach, of being militant and confrontational.

Being that you are people who believe in the Almighty and His Torah, we therefore hope and pray that you will recognize the truth; That Zionism is heresy and a catastrophe for the Jewish nation ר"ל G-d forbid; That the Torah way is of patiently remaining in exile, subservient to the nations, praying and yearning for the redemption by the Almighty Himself, without any human intervention.

At that time all nations will recognize the One G-d and serve him in harmony. At that time the Almighty’s glory will be exalted throughout the world.

May this happen speedily and peacefully in our days! AMEN

Once again, welcome to Monsey and while you are here let’s try and think together, with respect for all who love our people.

The Welcome Committee.


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