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Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews join commemoration of Palestinian Nakba Day

Speech prepared to be read by representatives of Neturei Karta International, on May 15, 2011, at Nakba Day rallies in Washington DC, New York City, Montreal and London

With the help of the Almighty! I pray to the Almighty to bestow upon me His truth and His wisdom, that I may be worthy of conveying His message to this great gathering.

A Saloom Aleikem!

Gathered here today are people who are standing up in protest against the occupation of Palestine by the State of Israel, and to demand the right of all Palestinians to return to their land.

We of the Jewish faith from many parts of the world, including occupied Palestine, have come here and are attending rallies today in Washington DC, New York City, London, Montreal etc., to express our sympathy and our solidarity, to express our mourning and to cry out our pain, at the suffering of the people of Palestine and Gaza, and to give voice to our opposition - because we are Jews - to the existence of the State of Israel.

Judaism is a religion that teaches subservience to G-d. Judaism is our covenant to the Almighty, which we accepted on Mount Sinai. Zionism is the transformation of Judaism from a religion, from spirituality, to a G-dless materialistic entity, a political striving for the control of a piece of land. Zionism is totally contradictory to Judaism. And that is why the Zionist movement has been opposed by religious Jews since its inception over 100 years ago. Especially after this movement created a state on May 15, 1948, it was condemned universally by all rabbinical authorities. And to this day, Jewish communities around the world true to Judaism stand in opposition to this abomination.

According to Jewish law, even once inch of the State of Israel is forbidden to exist. They have simply hijacked and stolen the name of Israel and the Star of David to legitimize their existence, which is illegitimate and illegal according to the Torah. Yes, they put on the face of religion, complete with their own rabbinate, but this is all a farce to con the world. Because the Torah tells us clearly in the prophecy of King Solomon, that after the destruction of the Temple, G-d put us under three oaths: 1) Not to return en masse to the Holy Land. 2) Not to rebel against any nation. 3) Not to make any attempt to end the exile. The State of Israel blatantly transgresses all these oaths.

To compound this terrible sin, they created their state in a land that was inhabited by the Palestinian people, of whom the majority were Muslims with small Christian and Jewish populations. They created their state against the will of all these communities, and they oppressed, killed and banished the people of Palestine from their homes. This is against the Torah, which commands us not to kill, not to steal, and to be compassionate, just as a G-d is compassionate.

So we stand up and voice our total indignation at the existence of the state and its actions. We cry for the suffering of the people of Palestine and demand that they be allowed to return home.

Zionists like to call people who oppose them anti-Semites, and refer to this as a religious conflict. Let the world know that on the contrary, the Jewish people for centuries has found a safe haven and a gracious host in all the Muslim and Arab lands. The Torah requires us to show our gratitude for this kindness. So we are doubly humiliated, because not only was the Palestinian Nakba [catastrophe] committed in the name of the Jews, but the victims were people who were good to us. The Zionists have returned their kindness with cruelty, and on top of that called them our enemies. - What a double Nakba!
We have elderly Jews here who are from Palestine and can attest to that peace coexistence between Jew and Arab. They are here with us today as live witnesses. Let the world know what a farce Zionism is and what a crime they are doing.

And last year, when a delegation of our rabbis joined the convoy to Gaza to bring medical aid, the Palestinian people embraced us and said that they have nothing against Jews. They simply want their freedom so that we can live together in peace.

And it is not only the Palestinians who are oppressed by the Zionists. It is Jews as well. Look at our web site and you will see, that Jewish protestors are being beaten mercilessly by the Zionist police, despite the fact that they are unarmed, peaceful protestors. They are beaten solely for the sin of daring to speak out. And Jews around the world suffer from the hatred aroused by the Zionists' actions.

Therefore we urge everybody to pray to the Almighty, who is the only One who can ultimately accomplish it, for a speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the State of Israel, soon in our days, without any more suffering or bloodshed. May G-d bring about, soon in our days, a free Gaza and a free Palestine. - Ultimately let us pray for the day when the Almighty will reveal His glory throughout the world and all humanity will recognize the one G-d, soon in our days, amen.

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