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Rabbi Declares “Israel’s Existence is the Source of the Bloodshed” -- Labels “Zionism Insensitive to Jewish and Palestinian Loss of Life”

New York, (November 19, 2000) - Neturei Karta International, representing Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism, will be counter demonstrating against a self described "anti - Arafat rally" outside the PLO's United Nations Mission on Park Avenue and 65th Street on Sunday, November 19 at 1: 00 PM.

Rabbi Dovid Weiss, group spokesman asked, "At a time when the world stands aghast at the loss of innocent life in the Holy Land, both Jewish and Palestinian, it behooves one and all to step beyond the cliches of popular opinion and ask themselves, why is all this happening?"

"The old answers of hate directed at Palestinians and Chairman Arafat, dispensed by the likes of Rabbi Avi Weiss and Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, obviously increases animosity between our peoples. These bigots should be shunned by all right thinking Jews."

"These haters would have you think that Jews are insensitive to Palestinian suffering and their 52 year plight."

"They would have you think that the current cause of violence is solely Palestinian aggression. This is a lie. The Palestinians have been exiled and oppressed for 52 years. Promises given to them ten years ago at Oslo with a five-year time limit have never been implemented. Their homes have been demolished, their neighborhoods confiscated, their youth subject to ceaseless torture, they have paid taxes and tariffs while being denied basic rights. The list of barbarities is endless."

The Rabbi emphasized that the goal of Neturei Karta International should not be misunderstood. "We support peace between all peoples. We demand in the name of the Torah that the Jewish people always pursue peace. Yet, we realize that the root cause of all the bloodshed in the Middle East is the philosophy of Zionism and its result -- the existence of the state of Israel."

"Jews have always viewed their own exile as the result of sin. They never envisioned and, indeed, were actually forbidden by the Creator to use any this-worldly means to hasten the redemption."

The Rabbi took pains to explain "true harmony in the Middle East will be impossible as long as the state continues to exist. We pray for the peaceful dismantling of the state."

"Just as the Zionists claim to represent world Jewry and their ideas reveal that they represent merely another misguided heresy, so too do the assorted Jewish 'congresses' betray their ignorance of Torah tradition whenever they speak. Jews are loyal citizens who desire merely to live in peace with all peoples. The tactics of public verbal terror are at odds with our basic beliefs."

"The tone of one's appeals are of grave consequence and can strip even the most justifiable claims of their moral force."

The Neturei Karta and the International Union of Orthodox Jews will be demonstrating "against the rhetoric and tactics of so-called organized Jewry" and call upon all Jews to join them.

The protest will be held at noon outside the Bar Association of New York at 42 West 44th Street.

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