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Disturbing images of violence and intimidation

These photos demonstrate the lengths to which the Zionist regime will go to persecute Jews opposed to Zionism. These reflect only a number of the many instances in which loyal anti-Zionist Jews are subject to relentless oppression if they speak up against the actions of the Zionist State. Recently a number of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews have been sent to jail for refusal to submit to Zionist intimidation and coercion. These photos also give a sense of why many Jews who oppose Zionism are subject to intimidation to the extent that many are reluctant to demonstrate their opposition to Zionism publicly.

Oct 2004 Acco, Holy Land Protest against Grave Desecration at Acco Cemetery
Jan 1983 City of King David, Holy Land Israeli Police Attack Protesters Near the City of King David
Jul 2014 East Jerusalem Rabbis Visit Wounded Victims from Gaza
Nov 1992 French Hill, Holy Land Zionist Violence at French Hill 1992
Apr 2005 Haifa, Holy Land Violence Erupts near Haifa
Jan 2003 Jerusalem Booksellers Attacked by Zionist Police
Mar 1981 Jerusalem Pogrom at Toldos Aharon
Apr 2005 Jerusalem, Holy Land Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews attacked in Jerusalem Synagogue
Jan 2002 Jerusalem, Holy Land Zionist Violence in Jerusalem Results in Death of Rabbi Samet
Mar 1981 Kivesh Ramot, Holy Land Violence at Kivesh Ramot 1981
May 2002 London, England London Synagogue Vandalized
Mar 2003 London, England London Synagogue Vandalized
Mar 2003 London, England Planned Flag Burning Stopped by Zionists
Jan 1983 Mea Shearim, Jerusalem Zionist Violence at Mea Shearim 1983
Jun 2002 Monsey, NY Netanyahu Visit Results in Vandalism
Jul 2002 Monsey, NY Monsey Synagogue Desecrated July 2002
Apr 2002 NYC Religious Zionists seek to Boycott Satmar Kosher products
May 2010 NYC, London, Montreal Orthodox Jews protest Zionist Government and Cemetery Destruction
Jul 1924 Palestine First Martyr to Zionism Was An Orthodox Jew
Jan 1995 Pisgat Ze'ev, Holy Land Violence at Pisgat Ze'ev 1995
Mar 1981 Toldes Ah'Haron, Holy Land Demonstrators at Toldes Ah'Haron Attacked by Police
Jan 1995 Yafo, Tel Aviv Zionist Violence at Yafo 1995

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