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12 February, 2002
Orthodox Jews Mass Protest
Against the State of Israel

Mass Protest Against the State of Israel

Estimated 20,000 Orthodox Jews demonstrating on Tuesday February 12th, in front of the Israeli Consulate in New York City, organized by the Central Rabbinical Congress of USA and Canada, to voice their opposition to the
existence of the state of Israel, their suppression of religion and brutal treatment of religious people.

The posters read as follows: [L-R]
"Israel" does not represent world Jewry
Rabbinical leaders fought Zionism since its inception
Authentic Rabbis always opposed Zionism and the State of Israel
Zionism have no right to rule over any part of the holy land
No doubt! Herzl's dream was a catastrophe for Jews
Zionism stole the name of Jews
"Israel" does not represent world Jewry
Jews mourn 53 years existence of "Israel"
True Jews will never recognize Israel
Torah Jewry is united against Zionism & the State of Israel
Zionist ideology opposes the Creator
Oh No! Zionism will never succeed
We are against "Israel" because we are Jews
Zionism and Judaism are extreme opposites
Background sign: Israeli government: stop oppressing religious Jewry in the State of Israel

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