Transcripts of Speeches at Demonstration
March 4, 1994 Against the Hebron Massacre

Transcript of Speech by Rabbi Dovid Smith, Chief Rabbi of Lithuania:
Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I have been invited here today that the world should know that the massacre in Hebron was not only against Arabs. I myself am a victim of this very same party [Zionists]. I am the Chief Rabbi of Vilnias and because I tried to make peace between Jews and non-Jews, the most important part of our faith is to "love thy neighbor as thyself" applies to every single person in the world and these very same [Zionist] party came over to Vilnias they wanted to stir up trouble and because I walked out amongst a very inflammatory speech. They came in on Saturday while we were praying, in an exact example of what happened in Hebron, they came into my synagogue. These were Israelis [Zionists], they had no right in my synagogue, they came in by force, a hundred of them, they wanted to kill me, I was saved by a miracle. I think the whole world should know that these people [Orthodox Torah true Jews] are not against Arabs, On the contrary, in our Faith and our Torah, we have to love and respect every single person in the world, it doesn't matter whether they are Jews, Arabs or Chinese, whatever they are, we must show respect, we must show love.

These [Zionist] people are against everybody. They want to even kill Jews! As myself, the Chief Rabbi of Lithuania they wanted to assassinate me and I was saved by a miracle. I think it is important that the whole world should know that we are not against Arabs, we hold in our Faith that every single person in the world has a right to live and a right to be loved.

With these few words I want to bring out the message to the world that I myself, a victim of this same [Zionist] party, wants the world to know that we are not against Arabs, they [Zionists] are against everybody, they want to kill everybody, they want war. They don't want peace.
Transcript of Speech by Rabbi Yoseph Goldstein of Neturei Karta, UK:

This demonstration is a continuation of previous demonstrations to prove to the Nations of the world that Jews and Zionists are two separate issues. Judaism is a religion guided by the Torah, by the five books of Moses with no nationalistic aspirations. We were commanded since we were given exile to live in peace and harmony amongst the nations of the world that we would have been put. The Zionist ideal was that the Jewish people have to aspire for their own country, for their own land, by their own means,they are not prepared to wait for Zionist intervention, they are not prepared to wait for the time when it says that one nation will not fight with another and there will be peace and harmony and the whole of the world will know that there is a good in the world and that there will be no more problem to not to live in the Middle East but to the whole world worldwide. Jews condemn the recent most massacre and any other massacre wherein an individual or a public in the name of Jews, they wrongly claim to represent the Jewish People, the Zionist organizations and their messengers are not our spokesmen, they are not our representatives and although they are born of Jewish parents their ideals are no more Jewish than those of communism which is also originated from a Jewish-born person. We have no Jewish-Arab conflict who have lived in peace and harmony in arab countries for 2000 years and we hope that the Arab Nations will understand that we can continue to live in peace and harmony and separate this idea of Zionism with Judaism and Jews with Zionists.

We have here some 50 representatives of Orthodox Jewish organizations. Some have sent one representative, some have sent more, with the blessing of the Chief Rabbi of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew congregations and other Rabbis in the area. We have one Rabbi from abroad, we one Rabbi from out of town, who have all come to show solidarity and our sympathy that we give those that were killed and their relatives and this was done by somebody of Jewish birth but not by Jewish people and not in the name of the Jewish people. The more this message is spread amongst the world the less war and the less violence there will take place.

Transcript of Speech by Rabbi Dovid Birnbaum of Jerusalem:

World Jewry condemns the horrific murder carried out through Zionist occupation of the Holy Land. Our sympathies and condolences to the families and nations affected by the brutal murders in Hebron. World Jewry says a Mosque massacre symbolizes Zionism in its truest form. Zionist indoctrination has resulted in the present horrific murder and the desecration of a place of worship. World Jewry condemns Zionism and Zionist ideals. Jews have fought Zionism since its very inception. World Jewry condemns Zionist atrocities the world over. Zionism annuls the very status of those Rabbis who preach it. Zionism and the Zionist State is not worth one fingernail of any human being. We Torah True Jews are uniting today with our Arab brethren in the aftermath of the recent tragedy in Hebron, the mass murder of innocent people during their prayers at the Holy site of the tomb of the patriarchs.

First of all we would like to express our condolences to and deepest feelings of sympathy with the beveaved families as well as our wishes for a speedy recovery to all the injured.

Secondly we would like to make it perfectly clear that acts of violence and terror are the diametric opposite of the way of the Torah, just as Zionism itself is diametrically opposed to the Torah. Religious Zionism is a contradiction in itself. Since its very foundation the Zionist movement has been opposed by the greatest Rabbis and religious leaders.

There is no Arab-Jewish conflict! Jews have lived peacefully in Arab lands for two thousand years. It is the Zionist occupiers of Palestine who deliberately seek to incite hatred between our two nations. Unfortunately much blood has been shed...Arab and Jewish blood as a result of this mistaken idealogy. Acts of terror like this have helped the Zionist state fulfill its idea of gathering together Jews from all over the world and bringing them to Palestine,Jews who have been made to feel afraid of reprisals against Zionist atrocities. We come with the request to the Muslim world, to the descendents of Ishmael, the son of our common ancestor, Abraham. Let us not allow this tragic event bring hatred and violence between us. Let us not play into the hands of the racist perpetrators of this despicable atrocity.