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Mass Protest by Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Outside "Israeli Consulate" in New York City on
November 9, 2006

Mass protest by anti-zionist Orthodox Jews against the existence of the State of “Israel”

Over ten thousand Orthodox Jews led by dozens of prominent Rabbis gathered outside the “Israeli” Consulate in New York City on Thursday, November 9, 2006, to protest against the existence of the State of “Israel”, the atrocities it perpetrates and against the “Gay Pride Parade” that was planned to take place in Jerusalem on November 10th.

The theme of the speakers was to decry and to condemn the mere existence of the State of “Israel” which is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Torah which forbids the establishment of a Jewish state and commands the Jews to remain in exile until released from that exile by G-d Himself, without any human intervention, at which time all nations of the world will live together in peace.

The Rabbis stressed that “Jews are required to be loyal citizens in all the countries that they reside. The Jewish people are forbidden to rebel against any nation - the existence of the State of “Israel” is a constant rebellion and breach of this command and oath of the Almighty.” Leading Rabbis elaborated on the fact that the continuation of the existence of the State of “Israel” has brought to the constant escalation of sins against the Creator. Also, it has brought about the unabated ruthlessness and barbarity being committed against humanity.

In regard to the “Gay Pride Parade” they emphasized that the public assent to practices described in the Torah and once viewed by all mankind as “an abomination” had no place in the Holy Land and certainly not in the Holy City of Jerusalem. The rally stressed that there was an inevitable linkage between the philosophy of Zionism, rooted in a rebellion against Divine Providence and the vilest forms of human decadence. Signs and talks pointed out that the celebration and promotion of homosexuality is born of the same denial of the Creator that brought to the creation of the State of “Israel” and to the rebellion against other nations and peoples.

The rally was especially necessary and timely due to the terrible, horrific attacks, perpetrated against the people of Bait Hanun in Gaza, in the last few days.

The rally, which stretched for over five New York City blocks, was not picked up by any local or national news outlets despite coverage by the Associated Press Television who attended the event. The lack of reporting on events that potentially cast the State of “Israel” in a negative light has become a hallmark of United States (and certain countries in Europe) news reporting and is well known abroad and within both pro-Israel and anti-Zionist circles.

But in regard to coverage of anti-Zionist religious activities, there is a virtual media blackout. The reason being the facts and view that they espouse literally undermine the legitimacy of the entire state of “Israel”. Consequently the Zionists pull out all the stops to intimidate the media in order to prevent them from reporting everything and anything associated with these people’s ideologies or activities.

On the infrequent occasion that there is coverage, such as the tiny news blurbs in regard to their meeting with the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on September 21, 2006, it will invariably be reported in a belittling, disparaging manner, with overtones of ridicule, such as fanatic, ultra-orthodox, fringe groups, tiny minority, etc. It is almost as if this is a necessary addendum to any reference to these large communities and their activities in order to be permitted by the “powers to be” to be able to report on their happenings – and not be accused and labeled forever as an “anti-Semitic” reporter or news outlet.

Since the inception of Zionism, Jewish leaders have vigorously decried the Zionist movement and have tried to educate people on the baseless existence of the State of “Israel” which has resulted in the loss of countless Jewish and non-Jewish lives. Jews regularly meet with world and Arab leaders and organize public demonstrations to counter “Israeli” military and political actions. Unfortunately, as before mentioned, in the United States and certain countries in Europe, these efforts have been significantly hampered by the unappealing "anti-Semitic" label attached to anything against the State of “Israel” which then causes the media and politicians to be unwilling to discuss and in many cases even acknowledge the subject.

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