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Mid East Peace Conference
US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD
27 Nov 2007

Annapolis, MD - November 27, 2007

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews demonstrated outside the Mid East Peace Conference held at the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD on Nov 27, 2007. Read their statement of their position on this event below.

The Jewish proposal for lasting peace

Annapolis MD, Nov 27, '07 -- Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, spokesman for Neturei Karta International, explained his organization's nuanced response to the current Mideast peace conference and the goals of the group's demonstration to be held today in Annapolis MD.

"On the one hand, we are sympathetic to all efforts that seek to alleviate, even some small measure, of the Palestinian people's suffering, as well as of the Jewish people. The authors of the present peace proposal, are sincerely committed to the lessening the Palestinians' plight and the suffering of the Jews living in the Holy Land. And this meeting might serve as a beginning step towards an ultimate solution."

"However, the real problem here goes far deeper than the initiative's authors are aware. It is true that a path must be sought to alleviate the suffering of all peoples in the Middle East. Yet, that path lies in acceptance of Torah teachings (Jewish law) and true justice."

"The Jewish people are in a state of divinely ordained exile, since the destruction of the Jewish Temple, some 2000 years ago. We are expressly forbidden to: 1) attempt to leave exile, i.e. to have our own State, 2) to go up en masse to the Holy Land, 3) to rebel against any nation."

"Exile means, that Jews are required to be loyal citizens in every country in which they live. Force of arms and violence against any people, including in the Holy Land, is forbidden.

"Throughout the centuries, all Jewry believed that the end of the Jewish exile, would come about, via miraculous Divine means and usher in the peaceful salvation of all mankind. It will be a time of universal peace and brotherhood, in service of the One God. Redemption from exile, never meant a materialistic 'State of Israel'."

"Zionism is insensitive to this ancient Jewish belief. It is also oblivious, to the suffering that it has created for Palestinian and Jew, alike."

"The current proposals are certainly well intentioned and rooted in sincere humanistic concerns. Yet, it is flawed, for it refuses to recognize, not only the Palestinian right of return, but the Palestinian people's just claim to sovereignty, in the entirety of their ancestral homeland, which is their right according to the Torah."

"It is for this reason, as well as the aforementioned basic theological teachings, that bring us to demonstrate here today."

Rabbi Weiss added that he respected the "efforts and sentiments of those who organized this Mideast peace conference." "Nonetheless," he concluded, "If the Torah solution is unheeded, these efforts are doomed to long term failure, for any other path, violates the Divine Rule and runs counter to fundamental Torah claims of justice."

"We fervently pray for an end to the suffering of the Palestinians and Jews and to the suffering of people, worldwide. We pray for the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the entire state of "Israel". Ultimately, we beseech the Almighty to hasten the day when the entire world will recognize the One G-d and serve Him in harmony and brotherhood, with no coercion whatsoever. Amen."

Free the entire Holy Land from the Zionist State of "Israel"


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