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Religious Jewry Suffers Under Zionist Oppression
9 Sept 2009
Rally & Press Conference New York City

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Religious Jewry Suffers Under Zionist Oppression

Sep 9, 2009, New York City –

A press conference followed by a rally of Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews, will take place today outside the United Nations in New York City. Rabbis from NY and Jerusalem will discuss the ongoing oppression of religious Jews in the Holy Land by the Zionist State of “Israel”.

What: Rally and Press conference

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time: 5:30 PM

Place: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 47th St. between 1st & 2nd Ave. NYC

Another Rally will be held in front of the NY office of the Hadassah Hospital, today Wednesday at 50 W. 58th St. NYC, at 4:00 PM [View photos]

Rabbi Eliyahu Blatt has come from the anti-Zionist community in Jerusalem to be with us today. At a meeting last night, he stated: “Over the past three months, the state oppression of our community has reached new levels. When the religious mother of a three-year-old child realized that Hadassah Hospital had been giving the child painful unnecessary treatments for almost two years, the hospital, in collaboration with the Zionist government, quickly turned the tables on her and blamed her for the entire episode. They held her in prison for ten days, and now she is on trial. The family of the child, in conjunction with religious leaders in the Jewish community, have accused the doctors and hospital involved of medical malpractice. They suspect that this was not merely a misdiagnosis on their part, but a scheme to test new drugs and procedures on a human guinea pig. This would fit into a familiar pattern in the long and tragic criminal history of “Israel”. The Rabbinical leaders of the community, viewing this as the “final straw”in an ongoing pattern, called for mass demonstrations. At these peaceful demonstrations tens of religious Jews were brutally beaten and arrested.

“Recently,”the rabbi continued, “Zionist groups criticized the government of Sweden after a newspaper in that country published a story about Israelis using the organs of slain Palestinians. Even if this story were a complete fabrication, we would not criticize Sweden, in accordance with Jewish law which forbids the Jewish people to be disrespectful to the nations of the world. But we would not be at all surprised if the allegations are true, since we in the religious community have experienced this firsthand. We have been dealing with these and similar criminal acts of the State of “Israel”for decades.”

The rabbi also spoke about the most recent peaceful mass demonstrations of the Orthodox community and the police brutality that ensued, where police cars ran over demonstrators. These demonstrations were due to the recent opening of a new parking lot directly next to a religious neighborhood. The parking lot is in active use on the Jewish Sabbath. “This is a painful issue for our community because it highlights the fact that the Zionists have come here against our will and they want to impose their way of life on us. Why do they have to bring their Sabbath desecration into our neighborhood? Our community was here for centuries before the Zionists came. When they came and began working toward their political goals, our community made it clear that we wanted no part in their state or in their activities. We simply wanted to continue our peaceful religious lifestyle as before and to live in a respectful co-existence under non-Jewish rule.”

“Brutality and vicious attacks of the “Israeli”police and soldiers, resulting in false arrests, serious injuries and occasional deaths are hardly new to us. Orthodox Jews have been protesting against Zionism, the existence of the State of “Israel” and its evil inhuman activities, starting from many years prior to the creation of the State. The Torah clearly forbids the existence of a Jewish State and forbids the oppression of the Palestinian people. Jews, in the last sixty years, have suffered more religious persecution in the State of “Israel”, than in any other place on earth. But their most recent tactic – using police cars to run over people murderously during demonstrations (remember Rachel Corrie) – is something that they have almost never done before. Acts such as these have motivated large anti-Zionist communities to protest in the streets.”

“When you see a government that calls itself the “Jewish State”, yet carries on anti-Jewish persecution on this scale, you finally come to the realization that this State is a sham, not a Jewish State. They have no right to, and they truly never represented Judaism. They have never spoken or acted, and they can never speak or act, in the name of Judaism or the Torah. This includes their words and actions on the international scene, as well as their dealings with the Palestinian people, with whom we feel a special kinship as fellow victims of Zionism.”

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