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Protest Outside the Israeli Embassy
July 13, 2010

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London Orthodox Jews to Protest Outside Israeli Embassy

July 7, 2010

Thousands of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews will demonstrate outside the Israeli Embassy in London on Thursday, July 8. Their goal is to express their opposition to the existence of the state of "Israel" and in particular they will protest the ongoing destruction, permitted and encouraged by the Israeli government, of an ancient Jewish cemetery in Jaffa.

This is a cemetery in which Jewish sages from the Talmudic era lay buried, until last month when a company called RFR Holding LLC decided to build a 60 million-dollar hotel with an underground parking lot on the site of the cemetery. Thinking only of their profits, they didn't let the cemetery stand in their way. They turned down alternative building plans in which the cemetery could have been left in its place and treated respectfully. On June 14 a team of archaeologists from the Israeli Antiquities Authority, accompanied by four bulldozers, began to unceremoniously remove some of the bones.

On that day, about one thousand Orthodox protestors who arrived at the site were greeted with cruel and murderous blows by the police, both mounted and riot control divisions. Police shot tear gas canisters at members of the Eidah Chareidis Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem, led by Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch. Rabbi Sternbuch was temporarily blinded and came close to fainting. A number of Torah scholars were wounded and were taken in ambulances to the hospital.

"Reputable archaeologists addressing a burial site do so with care and with hand shovels and brushes, not with tractors and bulldozers," said Rabbi Isaac Weiss, an eyewitness to the events.

On July 1, the company began to flatten the entire area in preparation for drilling deep holes for the pillars of the building. More and more bones are being desecrated as we write these words.

"According to the Torah, Jews are currently in exile and are not permitted to have a state of their own. Therefore, Orthodox Jews who believe in the Torah never took part in the Zionist movement and its state. This is the reason for the bitter irony that the state calling itself Jewish is run by people who deny all of Judaism's basic principles," said Rabbi Shia Ozer Reiner, a spokesman for True Torah Jews Against Zionism's London branch.

"One of those principles is the immortality of the soul, its reward and punishment after death, and the eventual resurrection of body and soul together. That is why we are commanded to treat human remains with the greatest respect. It is forbidden to move bones, and it is an even greater offense to grind them in the blades of a tractor. We are appalled by the actions of the state calling itself Israel, which lacks the decency and respect for human dignity that most countries of the world practice. It must be kept in mind that this very cemetery was respected and protected for hundreds of years under Muslim empires. It is very unfortunate that it has now fallen in the hands of the Zionists, to whom Jewish tradition means nothing. It is they who permit and even encourage such construction.

"This wicked act is just another link in the chain of violence perpetrated by the Zionists ever since their founding. The Zionists want to put an end to Jewish religious observance. They arrest religious Jews and keep them in prison, or use other brutal methods - even murder - against anyone who stands up against them. The fact that they desecrate that which is holy to Jews, and the fact that they treat Orthodox Jews brutally, is the greatest proof that 1) they do not represent the Torah; 2) they do not represent Orthodox Jews; 3) their goal is not the wellbeing of Jews, only their own political aspirations. They attempt to transform Judaism, a religious concept, into a nationalist concept, empty of Torah and dedication to the Almighty - which have always been the outstanding qualities of the Jewish people. After all this, they have the nerve to call themselves "Israel" and base their claims to the land on the Torah - they same Torah that they so proudly desecrate!

"They use the Almighty's promise of the Holy Land, and at the same time they laugh in His face and violate His law. The Almighty commanded us to go into exile, and with three oaths forbade us to create our own country before the coming of the messiah, when the redemption of the world will take place and all mankind will willingly worship the One G-d.

"Zionists arrogantly claim that they have created a safe haven for the Jewish people, but their actions have brought about just the opposite: through their provocations against the strongest countries of the world and their leaders, they have brought the Jewish people into terrible danger. They have aroused anti-Semitism on a new scale everywhere, especially among peoples who throughout history have been hospitable to the Jews."

"Torah Jewry and all authentic rabbis of the world have fought against Zionism since its founding day. Torah Jews will never recognize Zionist sovereignty over the Holy Land."

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