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Annual Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement
at Duke University, NOrth Carolina
october 15 - 17, 2004

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews participated in the Annual Conference of the Palestine Solidarity Movement, which took place October 15th-17th at Duke University. As part of a multifaceted effort, the group attended to show solidarity and support for the suffering Palestinian people and to clearly state the Torah’s opposition to Zionism.

Concurrently, on Sunday, a delegation of Orthodox Rabbis counter-protested a demonstration by Pro-Zionists. These Rabbis worked on setting the record straight - opposition to Zionism does not make one Anti-Semitic, a commonly publicized claim by Pro-Zionists. Their intention is to educate the public about a well known fact within traditional Jewish circles, that Judaism and Zionism are actually completely contradictory concepts. Additionally, they rebuffed the ongoing attempts by the Pro-Zionist movement to stifle the voice of the Palestinian Conference and dispel the misnomer that Jews and Arabs cannot coexist.

Read the statement issued by Neturei Karta concerning this event.




Rabbis of Neturei Karta
Rabbis of Neturei Karta travelled to Duke University to participate in the PSM Conference and demonstrate their solidarity.
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