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Demonstration following the massacre in hebron

LONDON, UK - March 4, 1994

Photo: The Hackney Gazette

Above: Rabbi Dovid Smith, Chief Rabbi of Lithuania, himself a victim of Zionist violence, speaks out with sympathy and condolences to the victims and families of the 17 people massacred in a Hebron Mosque.

More than 200 demonstrators gathered outside a London Mosque to show the Muslim community that this act of violence, purported to be committed in the"name of the Jewish people" did not in fact represent the beliefs of world Jewry and that Torah True Jews do not support such acts of violence.

Read article from the Hackney Gazette.

Listen to the audio clip of his speech or read the transcript.

Demonstrators support victims of the Hebron Massacre. The signs read:

  • World Jewry condemns Zionism and Zionist ideals.
  • Jews have fought Zionism since its very inception.
  • World Jewry condemns Zionist atrocities the world over.
  • Zionism annuls the very status of those Rabbis who preach it.
  • Zionism and the Zionist State is not worth one fingernail of any human being.

Rabbi Yoseph Goldstein, of Neturei Karta U.K.:

"We have here some 50 representatives of Orthodox Jewish organizations. Some have sent one representative, some have sent more, with the blessing of the Chief Rabbi of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew congregations and other Rabbis in the area. We have one Rabbi from abroad, we one Rabbi from out of town, who have all come to show solidarity and our sympathy that we give those that were killed and their relatives and this was done by somebody of Jewish birth but not in the name of the Jewish people."

Listen to Rabbi Goldstein's speech or read the transcript.

Rabbi Goldstein:

Rabbi Dovid Birmbaum, of Jerusalem, also gave a speech at the demonstration. Listen to the audio clip or read the transcript.
Rabbi Birnbaum:


Article from the Hackney Gazette, March 11, 1994:


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