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demonstration, LONDON - 5 MAY 2004
against the mayor of jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski


On Wednesday, May 5, 2004 the so-called mayor representing the Zionist conquerors of the city of Jerusalem, Uri Lupolianski, arrived for a visit to London.

The story surrounding Lupolianski is painful and sad. He refers to himself as an Orthodox Jew, but it is obvious that he does not represent the true Orthodox Jewish outlook which rejects any association with the Zionists and their State, and which opposes recognition or cooperation with them. In fact, he and those like him have violated the laws of the Torah, and from weakness collaborate with the Zionist regime in exchange for various mundane benefits. The authentic Orthodox Jewish community struggles against phonies like him with all their strength, and stigmatizes them for their unwillingness to meet the challenge, for having sold themselves for a few pennies to the Zionist regime, and for their betrayal and misrepresentation of the Torah.

The very same Lupolianski was invited by an organization in London – an organization that has been a cause of much aggravation to the Orthodox Jewish community of London. Opposition to that organization encompasses all parts of the Orthodox community. The invitation of that organization to that “mayor” became public knowledge and was a source of great anger among authentic Orthodox Jews due to the utter arrogance and smugness shown by that organization in inviting to London an evildoer who represents the heretical Zionist regime.

Posters and signs calling on London Jews to protest against this “mayor” were put up all over the neighbourhood. On the day of his arrival, outside the entrance to the building where he was to visit, a large group led by important rabbis assembled. When the “mayor” arrived with his numerous bodyguards, the assembled group began harassing, chasing and protesting against him. The police maintained order and the Zionist mayor entered the building with his bodyguards.

During the entire time he was inside, the protesters stood outside with their signs expressing disgust and insulting Zionist and those who collaborate with it. Special prayers were recited in addition to strong words of protest, and the esteemed rabbis spoke to the group in opposition to the Zionist state and the “mayor” who represents it.

In the meantime the assembled group waited for the “mayor” to come out, and the police already arranged to keep the protesters away from the entrance. When Lupolianski finally came out surrounded by bodyguards, the assembled group began shouting and protesting. He was forced to run into his car and escape right away; he was “accompanied” by booing and insults all the way out of the area.

The message was clearly understood – Orthodox Jews in London elsewhere shall battle heretical Zionism, and will stigmatize and reject all those who assist Zionism no matter how these Zionists mask their intentions. May G-d assist all of us to behold the disappearance of the Zionist State speedily and peacefully, with G-d’s honor being revealed throughout the world.

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