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"the barrier wall"


22 Feb 2004

Orthodox Judaism is incompatible with and totally opposes the philosophy known as Zionism. It condemns Zionism both on the grounds of religious belief and on the grounds of the religious requirement to be compassionate and humanitarian to all mankind.

Neturei Karta is the group name of those Orthodox Jews who are prepared to express openly their religious opposition to Zionism and their sympathy and solidarity with the Palestinian cause in their struggle against the Zionist oppression.

As part of their expression of support for the Palestinian cause, representatives of Neturei Karta take part in protests, which draw attention to the Palestinian struggle, whenever and wherever they can.

THE WORLD, through the Agency of the International Court of Justice, is examining the legality or otherwise of the physical barrier known as 'the wall' being erected by the Zionist State between them and the Palestinians. Our position is as follows:

The Jews were exiled some two thousand years ago from the land now known as Palestine by Divine decree, because they did not maintain the standards expected of them. From that time on we were forbidden and forsworn by our Torah not to attempt to come out of exile through our own efforts. To do so would be a rebellion against the wish of the A-lmighty and we were warned of the dire consequences of transgressing this prohibition.

Exile means that Jews must be loyal subjects of the countries in which they live and not attempt to attain political power over the indigenous populations of those countries. This stringent religious requirement applies equally both in any country in the world and in Palestine.

Added to the above is the humanitarian requirement (which in itself is also a religious requirement) to treat all individuals and peoples with compassion and consideration. To forcefully deprive a people of their homes and country is totally contrary to this requirement.

It follows therefore that it is the Palestinians, the indigenous population of Palestine, who have the right to rule in Palestine today. According to the Torah and Jewish faith, the Palestinian Arab claim to rule in Palestine is right and just. The Zionist illegitimate claim is illegal and what is more must inevitably be based on loss of life and deprivation of property.

Orthodox Jewry, therefore, passes no opinion on the legality or otherwise of 'the wall'. It is irrelevant.

We do however pass an opinion of ABSOLUTE ILLEGALITY on the ZIONIST STATE known as 'Israel'. The root cause of 'THE WALL' is the illegitimate Zionist State that has caused untold suffering to both Jews and Arabs for decades. So many people ignore the root cause of the hate that has spread and engulfed the globe today.


We want to tell the world, especially our Palestinian neighbours, that there is no hatred or animosity between Jew and Arab. We wish to live together as friends and neighbours. Let us not forget the peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs that existed throughout the centuries. All those memories vanished with the advent of Zionism.

The Zionist oppression of Arabs in Palestine is a tragedy for both the Palestinian and the Jewish peoples.

Opposition to Zionism and its crimes does not mean a hatred for Jews, so called 'antisemitism'. On the contrary Zionism and its deeds are the biggest threat to Judaism and the biggest cause of 'antisemitism'

Zionism is not Judaism

Zionists do not represent the Jews

We pray for an end to bloodshed, an end to the suffering of our Palestinian brethren and all innocent people worldwide. We are waiting for the annulment of Zionism and the peaceful dismantling of the Zionist State, and would welcome the opportunity to dwell in peace in the holy land under a rule entirely in accordance with Palestinian aspirations.


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The Palestinian Issue

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