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Delegation of orthodox rabbis in london, uk
Show Support of SheikH Yousuf Al-Qardawi

On 15 July, 2004 a delegation of Rabbis, representing the orthodox Jewish communities true to the Torah, went to Heathrow airport to escort the honourable Sheik Yousuf Al-Qardawi upon the conclusion of his visit to the U.K. and his return to Qatar. A similar delegation of Rabbis had participated in the press conference welcoming the Sheik upon his arrival to London.

The Rabbis wanted to expressly demonstrate their ongoing friendship with the Arab – Muslim communities world-wide and their outrage with the actions of the Zionist leadership in London, who had attempted to disrupt the visit of the Sheik, who is one of the most revered Muslim leaders internationally. The Sheik reciprocated by expressing his warmest feeling for the Jewish people true to the Torah and stressing that his opposition is only to Zionism which is diametrically opposite of the teachings of the Torah and which has illegally usurped the sovereignty of the Palestinian indigenous population, stealing their land and homes.

We certainly hope with G-d's help that these meeting and expressions of friendship between the torah true Jews and Arab–Muslim leaders, will thwart the Zionists’ insidious plans to exacerbate anti-Semitism world-wide in order to relocate the Jews to their illegally created state.

For Information concerning the meeting with the previous delegation visit these links:

At a time when there is so much tension in our world, and when people have practically given up any hope of ending the conflict in historic Palestine, the meetings held between faithful Orthodox Jews and the esteemed Sheikh have great importance. These meetings and photos remind us not only of how Jews and Muslims have lived together in harmony prior to the Zionist conquest of the Holy Land, but they also portend how this relationship will be restored, not only on a small scale but worldwide when the racist, ethnocratic, heretical and idolatrous Zionist state is dismantled and Jews return to their age-old traditions. When truth shines in the world, falsehood melts away.

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