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Anti Zionists to Celebrate “Funeral of Zionism”

 New York, (Jan 8, 2001) - Rabbi David Weiss of Neturei Karta announced that “the time has come to celebrate the death of Zionism.”

The Rabbi stated, “Jewry world-wide is sick and tired of Zionism and its never ending wars and heresies. It is time for an alternative. It is time for the age old Jewish approach to exile and redemption.”

“Today we will bury Zionism. It is long overdue. Its coffin will be carried by pious Jews who will celebrate its passing.”

The historic event will take place adjacent to Congregation Kehillath Jeshurun at 125 east 85th Street, between Park and Lexington Avenues at 11:30 PM.

Rabbi Weiss noted, “Incidentally there will also be a group of Zionists protesting there at the same time. They are the face of the failed past. We are the face of the bright future. Join us.”

Zionism’s Funeral --
The Burial of a Heresy
Zionism has passed away.
It died under the weight of its heresy and lies.
Jews around the world are celebrating its passing.
The noise and protests of its few remaining followers are the sounds of the living dead.
They themselves know that the end has been reached.
After 52 years not one of its promises has come true.
Thousands of Jews and non – Jews died due to Zionism’s machinations.
G-d’s name has been profaned. The Torah’s message was distorted.

2001 – The Year Zionism Died
The movements “hawks” and “doves” are equally exhausted.
Their hopes are gone. Their dreams have been proven illusory.
More killing will only bring the same results.

Zionism’s Death:
Jewry Rejoices
Jews sense that the scourge of Zionism is coming to an end.
This is good news for all mankind.
The hatreds of the past may be set aside.
Jewry can return to their status of a “kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”

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