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Rabbi Declares “ Return Jerusalem and All of Israel to the Palestinians! ”

 New York, (Jan 11, 2001) -

Neturei Karta International, a world wide organization of Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism, will demonstrate Thursday afternoon 2:00 PM outside City Hall in protest over Mayor Giulliani’s “press conference/rally” in support of “continued Zionist domination over the Holy Land.”

Rabbi David Weiss, spokesman for NKI, stated, “The Mayor’s intention is clearly well meaning and we appreciate his concern for the Jewish People. Unfortunately he is misinformed as to the real beliefs and best interest of the Jewish People.”

“The desire to exercise Jewish political sovereignty over the Holy Land is a denial of our status as a people condemned to exile by Divine decree, We have been forewarned by the sages of the Talmud that pre-Messianic Jewish aggressions against other peoples will inevitably result in persecution and suffering. The track record of Zionism is clear. It has nurtured war after war. Today its exhaustion is obvious to all.”

“The traditional Jewish response to Zionism was total rejection. It is only via this same path today that we can hope for true peace and safety for the Jewish people and harmony among all men.”

The Rabbi pointed out that “untold thousands of Jews world wide are opposed to Zionism” and that “Their perspective is rarely taken into account due to Zionist domination of the media.”

Rabbi Weiss said he hoped that many Jews opposed to Zionism would attend the protest.

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