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Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews at grave of
palestinian leader,
Ramallah - 14 Nov 2004

Graveside Memorial for President Arafat

Ramallah, The West Bank, November 14, 2004

Rabbi Moshe Hirsh the Minister for Jewish affairs in the Palestinian National Authority and an impressive contingent of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis, attended a graveside memorial service for President Yasser Arafat, in his compound in the West Bank city of Ramallah Sunday Nov. 14, 2004, a few days after his passing to show their respect and loyalty to the leader of the Palestinian people.

Their intention was to simultaneously show their acceptance of Palestinian rule over the entire Holy Land, which is the acceptance of the G-dly decreed exile of the Jewish people.

A “friend” or a “fiend”

The Lament of Torah True Jews November 11, 2004

We of Neturei Karta, Jews United Against Zionism, would like to express the feelings and condolences of the Jewish people who are true to their Torah, in regard to the sad event that has occurred yesterday, the passing of the President Abu Ammar, President Yassir Arafat. We feel compassion for the loss of the Palestinian people.

President Abu Ammar was a person who lived his life in suffering and put his life on the line and actually gave his entire life for the Palestinian people. He had a clear vision and knowledge to differentiate between Jews, Judaism, and its nemesis, Zionism and the State of “Israel”. He understood that Jews who are true to their religion, are not enemies of the Palestinian nation. The proof to this is that he appointed Rabbi Moshe Hirsh to be the Jewish representative in the Palestinian authority. Rabbi Hirsh is a G-d fearing Orthodox Jew.

Jews who know that the Torah forbids a Jewish State, and that we must be loyal to the people amongst whom we reside, and that we are forbidden to oppress a people, to steal their land etc. know to hold in high esteem a Palestinian leader. G-d should help that the successor to President Arafat should have great success, to do righteousness and goodness and may he constantly be aware of the clear difference between Judaism, the Jewish nation and its diametric opposite, Zionism and the State of “Israel”.

May the Creator grant that the current occupying State should end speedily and peacefully in our days, and again the Jew and Muslim may yet live joyfully in harmony and peace under Palestinian sovereignty throughout the Holy Land. May we merit in the near future, to the day when all humankind will recognize and serve the One G-D, together, in harmony, AMEN.


  • Read statement prepared by Neturei Karta International for the International anti-Apartheid Wall demonstration, on November 13, 2004, in Paris France.
  • Anti-Zionist Jews flew to Paris prior to the President's death to demonstrate their concern and solidarity.
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