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Statement by Neturei Karta UK on the tragic day of Al-Nakba

LONDON, UK - MAY 17, 2003

The speech below, written by Neturei Karta, was delivered at the demonstration in London on Saturday, May 17, 2003, by one of the demonstration organizers since Orthodox Jews are forbidden to use microphones on the Sabbath.


In the name of Torah Jewry throughout the whole world we declare our solidarity and sympathy with the Palestinian people.

Torah Jewry decries and condemns the Zionist oppression and subjugation of innocent people, and the brutal theft of their land.

Torah-Jewry declares:

The Zionists who have discarded G-d and His Torah, have no right to speak in the name of world-wide Jewry, they have usurped the name "Israel" and thereby misrepresent the true Jewish people.

Torah-true Jews have never recognised the Zionist state, and never will!
We challenge the G-dless Zionists:

Why do you rebel against G-d Who sent us in exile and has forbidden us to return and to establish a state? You disgrace the name of the Jewish people! Torah-Jewry, faithful children of the one G-d, accepts His decrees and will not try to escape them by force.

We firmly believe that revolt against G-d, evil and oppression of innocent people, will never succeed! The Zionist entity cannot endure.

We hope and pray for a quick and peaceful dismantling of the Zionist state. We hope to live together in peace in the Holy Land under a Palestinian RulerShip for the entire land.

Judaism Yes!!! Zionism No!!!

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The Palestinian Issue

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