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Blasting the Big Lie

Presented by Rabbi Dovid Weiss at the Metropolitan Muslim Federation Protest in at Hammarskjold Plaza on January 26, 2001

With the help of the Creator, may my words lead to a sanctification of His great and glorious name.

I have come here today to tell all of you participating in this noble gathering, to tell the media here assembled and to proclaim to the world that a terrible lie, a big lie has been foisted upon the mankind. This lie is pernicious and capable of creating great harm if left unchallenged.

What is this horrible lie?

Well, it has been advocated by some people for the past hundred years and it has been repeatedly condemned by true Torah leaders.

It is the lie which says that Judaism and Zionism are one and the same. Nothing could be further from the truth. Judaism is not Zionism and Zionists do not represent the Jewish faith.

Judaism is the faith of the Torah.

Zionism proclaims the denial of the Torah and of the G-d who gave it.

Judaism teaches the Jewish people to be kind and fair to all men.

Zionism, from its inception, advocated and urged cruelty towards the Palestinian people.

Judaism teaches that Jews must walk humbly amongst the nations. Zionism advocates and executes war against all nations.

Judaism cares about the plight of the poor and suffering. Zionism sadistically abuses them.

My Islamic brethren -- Our peoples have lived in peace throughout the centuries in many countries.

For thousands of years we lived together in peace in the Holy Land. It was only after Zionists began to invade your country with an eye to taking it over that animosity began.

There is no excuse for the Zionist takeover of the Holy Land. It was achieved only after a series of wars and incessant brutality. It is a cause of pain and shame to Torah Jews world wide.

But please, please always keep in mind. This is not the work of religious Jewry. This is not the work of Jews who take their moral obligations seriously. It is the bizarre and madcap heresy of a cult of largely ignorant and irreligious Jews. And, my friends the long nightmare of Zionism is rapidly coming to an end.

Let me explain.

The Palestinian people have graciously agreed to participate in a so called peace process with the Israeli government. That is most kind of them.

However, we must warn them that it is our belief that until the scourge of Zionism, incarnated in the state of Israel, is removed from the Middle East there can be no peace.

We are a people in exile. We are forbidden to attempt to reconquer the Holy Land. By attempting this Zionism is bound to fail. With G-d’s help it will, speedily and peacefully in our days.

What does Neturei Karta International advocate?

Our Torah based position is quite simple.

We call for a peaceful dismantling of the Israeli state without violence or bloodshed.

We submit that this can come about only if and when the Jewish population of Israel first begins to understand that their current problems are the result of Zionism.

We look forward to the day when Jews and Palestinians may live together under a Palestinian government.

We challenge Zionism to present any alternative to the current impasse other than continued fighting and oppression.

We challenge Zionism to deny that the path of true peace, based upon the dismantling of the state, will not yield mutual respect and true mutual understanding.

With G-d’s help the day will come -- and we pray that it shall come soon -- when, after the demise of the Israeli state, Jews and Muslims will once again live together and worship G-d together in peace.

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