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Orthodox Jews responding to the
assassination of Sheikh Yassin

A message delivered by Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss at the memorial service in commemoration of Sheikh Yassin, held in New York City on March 23, 2004, hosted by the Arab Muslim American Federation.
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta

The Jewish people throughout the world, who are true to their religion, have been thrown into turmoil and are deeply incensed at the recent colossal happening, the tragedy that has taken place.

We mourn together with our Palestinian cousins, the murder of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin.

As we gather our thoughts and attempt to again stand up to the evils of Zionism and the State of "Israel", the words of our leaders, the Rabbis of the generation past, stand before us. How they warned us that Zionism and all the evils emanating from it, will cause endless bloodshed, of coarse the misnomer and tragedy of equating Judaism with Zionism is of the major contributing factors to this endless stream of blood. And so we are reminded of one of the exceptional attributes of Sheikh Ahmad Yassin. How he constantly drew a clear distinction between true Judaism and Zionism and between the practitioners of Judaism and Zionist perpetrators. The followers of Judaism were never considered by the Sheik to be an obstacle to true peace.

We declare that:

Zionism and Judaism are diametric opposites and totally incompatible.

Judaism is a G-dliness a religion of compation without any aspiration for a land or nationalistic entity. Zionism is the transformation of the above said religion into a G-dless political nationalistic entity with a land based goal.

Zionism and the State of “Israel” have no right to represent Judaism and/or the Jewish people.

Zionism and the State of Israel have no right to speak in the name of the Jewish people. The name “Israel” in reference to Zionism and their State is false, it has been usurped from the Jewish people.

To subjugate and oppress a people, in this case the Palastinian people, to steal their land, their homes, olive orchards etc., is totally against G-d and the laws of His Torah. These crimes can only bring dire results.

True Jewry is deeply anguished by the existence of Zionism and the State of “Israel” and are constantly pained and humiliated by their actions.

Jews are required by G-d and the laws of His Torah to by loyal citizens in every country in which they reside. In the United States to the American government, in Iran to the Iranian government, Germany to the Germans, Tunisia, Yemen, Morocco and so on, to their respective rulerships. As such the Jewish people are required and want to reside as loyal citizens in the Holy Land under total Palestinian sovereignty.

The Jewish people have been co-existing and living harmoniously in peace and tranquility for centuries together with their Muslim/Arab brethren in Palestine and throughout the Muslim countries. Zionism, which was created around 100 years ago by non-religious Jews, in fact by Jews who detested the Jewish religion, was the sole cause for the rift, mistrust and animosity created between Muslims and Jews. Zionism is the root cause for the bloodshed and suffering to Muslim and Jew in the Middle East close to a century, may G-d have mercy.

May G-d help that our hope and dream come to fruition, speedily and peacefully, painlessly without any further bloodshed, that Arab and Jew can once again live side by side under Palestinian rule over the entire Holy Land.

We pray that tragedies should never again occur and offer our deeply felt condolences to Sheikh Yassin's family and to all our Palestinian brethren. We pray to G-d for the speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the State of “Israel” – it’s transformation into a Palestinian sovereignty and ultimately we pray for the revelation of G-d’s glory over the entire universe, at which time all humanity will recognize the One G-d and serve Him in joyous harmony. Amen.



Pictures from widdi hall, March 23, 2004
Memorial service for Sheikh Yassin
photos by Stephanie Keith
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The Palestinian Issue

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