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Torah Jews Denounce Israeli State

The following is the written text of a speech delivered by Rabbi Yisroel P. Feldman of Neturei Karta International at the Manhattan rally of the Metropolitan Muslim Coalition on April 12, 2002

With God’s help may the words that we speak here today sanctify God’s name and may it bring peace and brotherhood amongst His creations.

A – salaam aleikum

There are some people who may ask, why a Jew is speaking at this Palestinian demonstration?

But in truth, the question should be totally different. The question should be, how is it that the Jewish people, which have been known as a compassionate, God fearing, peaceful peope and have lived side by side for over a thousand years, in peace and brotherhood with their Arab and Muslim cousins, how is it possible that this Jewish nation, can be one and the same as this Zionist state, this Israeli state and its arrogant militia, with their flag unfurled with a Star of David at its center?

This question, thank God, I am humbly able to answer.

The answer is, my friends, that your question is really the answer.

What you are seeing today, as representative of Judaism is truly the antithesis of Judaism.

Not only is Zionism not one and the same with Judaism, but on the contrary, Zionism is the true nemesis of Judaism. The transformation of Godliness into a work of Satan.

Tragically some people in the Holy Land and elsewhere, as part of a mistaken reaction to the Holocaust, have seen the Zionist entity as their savior and somehow representative of world Jewry.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Judaism, true Judaism, totally rejects, in fact, it abhors the philosophy of Zionism.

Zionism is a philosophy originated by non believers, by Jews long since estranged from their faith.

It is a philosophy that denies God and His constant supervision and does not accept His Torah as their law.

It is a philosophy based upon the systematic dispossession and oppression of the Palestinian people.

As such it is the antithesis of Judaism.

My brothers, pay careful note, around the world from Durban, South Africa to London, from New York to Jerusalem, Orthodox Jews have demonstrated in the streets against the Israeli state and the horrors of Zionist actions.

In New York City, in Manhattan, a few weeks back, over twenty thousand anti Zionist Jews marched against – not simply the occupation of Gaza and the West bank – rather against the very notion of the Israeli state itself.

This march was completely ignored by the mainstream media.

Do you know that just this week at a religious anti-Zionist march in Jerusalem, God fearing orthodox Jews were beaten mercilessly and some were thrown into prisons, where they are still today. Have you seen one word of this in any of the media outlets?

Members of the press here today – please, do not be intimidated. Tell the world the truth. Tell them that Zionism was opposed by almost all believing Jews from its inception. And till today the opposition stands strong.

We posit that metaphysically there can never be real peace in the Middle East as long as the state of Israel exists, because its very existence and all its consequential actions is a rebellion against God.

We proclaim that the tremendous upsurge of anti-Semitism throughout the world is a direct result of Zionism, and that is exactly what the Zionists want, so that the Jewish people will feel forced to run to them for their supposed protection. We point a finger at Zionism and its state as the core reason for the colossal tragedy that has been perpetrated in the holy land, against Arab and Jew alike, from the inception of Zionism until today.

We want to stress our paid and embarrassment in regard to the last tragedies and deaths which have accured in Jenin, Nablus , Bais Lechem, the list goes on and on.

But you should know that Zionism is a greater tragedy for Jews than for the Palestinians.

From the Palestinians, Zionism and its state, took their land and their bodies, but from the Jews the Zionists and its state took their souls, their belief in God and in fact they have transformed the hole concept of Judaism.

Our task as Jews in the world is a very basic one. It is to serve the Creator as we have been commanded and to seek peace and promote respect towards all men.

We yearn for the day when world Jewry having abandoned Zionism will live in peace and harmony with their Arab and Muslim cousins throughout the world.

As we all know everybody would want that the rights and freedom of the Palestinians, be achieved without any loss of life, as this is the normal human beings wish. And so we pray that this objective should be achieved speedily and immediately without any more pain and suffering, be it Palestinian or be it Jewish. This is the prayer of all decent man.

May we live to see the day, speedily in the very near future, when the One God will be recognized through out His universe and all will serve Him together in peace and joy. AMAN

A – salaam aleikum

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