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Talk Presented by Neturei Karta during Symposium on the Palestinian Issue at the International Action Center, NYC, October 3, 2000

Ladies and gentlemen, I am here today to present a perspective which, unfortunately, is not often afforded much coverage in the mainstream media. This is itself indicative of the problem that looms before us. Why should a view, endorsed by hundreds of thousands of Jews worldwide, be consistently ignored by the major Western media? Why, even when our group and others with similar views, take to the streets in the tens of thousands; Why when we engage in a historic trip to Iran and open up channels of dialogue with our Arab and Islamic brethren throughout the globe, are our efforts never deemed newsworthy?

There are two major reasons for the media’s silence.

First, we are Orthodox Jews and we all know how little respect those who dominate Western media and entertainment have for traditional faith and morality.

Second, we are Jews who, due our ancestral faith, have always stood in passionate opposition to the Zionist movement.

Our commitment was once nearly universal among believing Jews. Today, due to a host of factors, which cannot be adequately discussed in the current format, this is no longer the case. The Zionist position, with its rejection of

G-d and His revealed Torah, has long rode roughshod over much of the Western press.

Today, however, this situation is rapidly changing and the reason is fairly obvious. The cat is out of the bag. The true amoral and immoral core of Zionism stands revealed. Its current actions are yet another revelation of its evil essence. The media is forced to tell a bit of the real story.

We believe that the Israeli state was doomed from its inception. Jews are not destined for any pre Messianic claims to the Holy land. When G-d chooses, in His mercy, to end history and bring about the Messianic utopia of universal brotherhood and Divine service, Jews and all peoples will worship Him, with the Holy Land as their mutual spiritual center.

In the meantime, the assertion by force of arms, of so called Jewish “rights” to Palestine, is totally immoral.

The need to enforce Zionist claims by force of arms, the need to dispossess a people from their towns and homes, the need to wage incessant war, to brutalize a people, including their women and children is an inevitable result of this, hopefully, short lived rebellion against G-d and elementary morality.

In the interim, as long as the state exists, we are called upon to testify before the world that the horrors of the past few days, indeed, the horrors of the past fifty years are being perpetrated by Jews far removed from Torah. Torah Jewry world wide condemns in no uncertain terms the recent brutal actions of the Israeli state.

As Jews we are called upon to function as, in the words of the Book of Exodus, a “kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”

There is nothing holy about shooting and brutalizing women and children! There is nothing holy about stripping millions of people of their basic political rights! There is nothing holy about casting an innocent nation into a 52 year exile!

There is something very holy about every Jew who steps beyond amoral, misplaced tribal loyalties and speaks out in sympathy with Palestinian suffering. There is something very holy about every Jew who asserts that it is the Divine Torah itself which calls upon us to show solidarity with Palestinian suffering and work to alleviate it as best we can, according to Torah norms.

However, on the most basic level, we believe that, although we must do what we can today for the Palestinians, in the long run real peace and respect will return to the Middle East only when the Israeli state itself will, with G-d’s help, be peacefully dismantled.

We Jews are not comfortable in the role of oppressors. It is an ill fit. The evils of Zionism and its exhaustion are readily apparent. The media are beginning to escape from its clutches. Its crimes are too obvious.

The whole sorry enterprise is bankrupt, spiritually, morally and physically.

With G-d’s help it will soon be a nightmare of the past and Jews together with their Islamic brethren can get down to the task of all men, the service of the Creator and dedication to universal peace.

Thank you.

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The Palestinian Issue

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